What my almost 74-year old grandma has taught me this week

Here are some thoughts of what past generations used to do that we can avoid. Firstly, because we know better and are better informed. Secondly, because learning from others’ mistakes is the least painful way of learning for life. I hope my grandma will provide a valuable lesson for us all. Those were the days: […]

The Big Thank You

As you might have seen on my Facebook profile, Instagram account or in this little place I like to call home of thoughts, I really love to travel. It’s what gets me going through the days, it’s what sets my soul on fire every time I want to live out loud and experience/experiment with myself […]

The city that never ends

It’s been a great week, a week that has left a lot of beautiful memories behind of the streets that have been walked and the words that have been talked. It feels as if I am leaving a piece of me behind in this place, in this room, in this city. I’d roam through Manhattan […]

Writing about traveling as a non-travel blogger

I may not be a travel blogger, but I really do like to travel a lot! Thing is, until just about two days ago, I didn’t quite manage to get the time, sit down and just write what I’m experiencing during my trips because…well, I really like to travel and I’m more of a “let’s […]

Manhattan – I don’t need a MetroCard, I can walk…

…said the tourist returning from NYC back in 2012. “Ah, you can walk the whole island if you have 1 h 30 min to spare” – gushed my boyfriend then, since he had no clue whatsoever of the traps the city secretly places in your way. So yeah, that’s not true. Whoever heard that from […]

How to fly to New York City for under 305 Euro

First of all, you need a dream. If you don?t dream enough of being in the city you once loved, then loathed, then loved again, you will probably not see the deal to get from FRA to JFK appearing right in front of your eyes one crazy night in November at around 11.40 pm. Then, […]

How it all began

Living in the big city has its ups and downs. There are days when you get up and just want to go back to bed. Then there are other days when you wake up, open the window, smell the fresh air and start dancing in the room, looking forward to getting outside and meeting new […]

Pioneers Winners and the new Facebook Page

Well, I’ve been waiting a lot for this Friday to come! First of all, thanks to everybody who participated at the Pioneers Festival contest, it was great to hear your honest opinions on the topic “To have or not to have a Facebook Page”. Since there were 9 yays and no nays, I decided to […]

Win a ticket for the Pioneers Festival 2013

Dear xPRimenters, Just like I promised on Facebook last Friday, this Monday is definitely one worth loving. I’m very delighted to offer you the chance of winning 2 X 1 tickets to the Pioneers Festival on the 30th-31th of October in Vienna. Not only does this event bring together national and international founders, startups and […]

A Hollywood Story

There comes a time when you just need to let it all go. Let go of the images you once saw in the movies, of all the preconceptions and the glamour of the game, of the words that others speak and think, of the misinterpretations that led you up this hill in the first place. […]