Making Yoga accessible in times of remote livestream classes

accessible yoga during covid

This is quite an interesting time to become a yoga teacher or continue to be a yoga student in the dawn of a global pandemic that puts us all behind our windows and in front of our screens. In the following article, I?ll be exploring some deeply personal/subjective experiences as a student combined with talks […]

How it all began

Living in the big city has its ups and downs. There are days when you get up and just want to go back to bed. Then there are other days when you wake up, open the window, smell the fresh air and start dancing in the room, looking forward to getting outside and meeting new […]

Paris preparations

What to do on a rainy Sunday morning? All is still so quiet and naive, thoughts are dribbling and turning and twisting through my mind. The faces I’ve met one day ago seem so crisp, yet so vague, so I can’t write about desires that haven’t been defined so far. That’s why I turn to […]

Grab me a coffee on the way

Let’s have a toast for the coffee talks and the opportunities that arise from them! Whether you have it plain black or with a spoon of sugar and a drop of milk, it’s amazing how many details you get to find out whilst sipping the drink in front of a person of interest. So take […]

Libertate, Egalitate, Pubertate – Volum de poezii

Toate lucrurile bune au un inceput 🙂 Uneori, desi drumul e anevoios, cand vrem un lucru cu adevarat il facem sa se intample. Testam putin apele ca sa vedem daca exista vreun interes in acest sens, apoi ne aruncam din plin pentru ca nu mai avem rabdare sa stam in loc. Asa arata inceputul meu […]

The purpose of money

2006: Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Vaduz, Rheintal, Frankfurt, Koelln, Bonn, Luxembourg, Toulon, Blois, Marseille, St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo, Pisa, Venezia, (Slovenija), Zagreb, Balaton, Hurghada, Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Cairo 2007: Bratislava, Brno, Praha, Paris <3, Nantes, Piriac sur Mer, Val de Loire – Chambord, Chenonceau -, Muenchen, Szeged, Ingolstadt, Nuernberg, Regensburg 2008: […]


No matter what I do, I want to make a change in the world. No matter where I go, I want to leave a part of me behind and get hold of a new piece of me on the road. No matter who I turn out to be, I still hope of becoming the best […]

Making it through TEDxVienna 2011

There are days when you wake up, see the sun from your window and just know something is about to hit you so hard in the face, that you’ll make a turn in your path. This day didn’t seem like one of those, cause I had to go to university and felt a little tired […]

Day trip to Bratislava

Since it was getting hot in the city of Vienna and I could hardly wait to get out of the house, I decided to take a short trip to Bratislava on a sunny Sunday alongside my friend: to get to know the city and its culture/history/buildings better. We were focused on getting the best views […]

2011, here we are

How come every new year starts with a bunch of questions? Is it because you have the feeling of being more powerful, more able to change stuff you didn’t manage to solve in the previous years? Is it because, in some ways, you feel as if every new year is a new chance to start […]