Quiet night thought

I’m listening to Luciano Pavarotti singing Caruso on a Japanese futon in a tatami room located on the outskirts of Kyoto. After a night spent attending my very first traditional tea ceremony in the house next door and discussing with a Taiwanese-Chinese couple about the differences and mostly the similarities of our cultures, I finally, […]

The trouble with time

Sometimes it just won’t pass soon enough to get us where we want to go. Other times it simply flies away from our hands, leaving us in a state of denial/regret regarding the hours we still have at our disposal in order to finish our assigned activities. Deadlines, deadlines, sleepless nights and long day naps […]

Wake me up when September ends

It’s been a long, long journey through the depths of the world this summer. I’ve seen things that can’t be described in words and I felt emotions that would not make any sense on paper. Yet, for some bizarre reason, I keep returning here, trying to get my things straight and move forward. Seeing the […]

A Hollywood Story

There comes a time when you just need to let it all go. Let go of the images you once saw in the movies, of all the preconceptions and the glamour of the game, of the words that others speak and think, of the misinterpretations that led you up this hill in the first place. […]


Painted my nails turquoise and the laptop’s running out of battery. Just a casual Saturday night, I’m standing on my head and thinking about everything that happened this week. For the first time, I actually managed to get all my thoughts together in a single piece of mind. It’s been a long, hard week. And […]

We’re not just dreamers, we’re reality makers

Style changes with every passing year. If you look at photos of yourself from 2010, you’ll see what I mean and you’ll be able to tell just how much has happened these past two years. It’s as if memories keep getting more dense and are wondering towards new parts of the brain that still need […]

Paris preparations

What to do on a rainy Sunday morning? All is still so quiet and naive, thoughts are dribbling and turning and twisting through my mind. The faces I’ve met one day ago seem so crisp, yet so vague, so I can’t write about desires that haven’t been defined so far. That’s why I turn to […]

Subtle start

As strange as it may seem, some things on this Earth scare me and fascinate me at the same time, like the sight of lightning striking over an empty field, or on the roof tops of the big city. I watch closely, but carefully hidden behind the glass window that protects me from the unknown […]

Libertate, Egalitate, Pubertate – Volum de poezii

Toate lucrurile bune au un inceput 🙂 Uneori, desi drumul e anevoios, cand vrem un lucru cu adevarat il facem sa se intample. Testam putin apele ca sa vedem daca exista vreun interes in acest sens, apoi ne aruncam din plin pentru ca nu mai avem rabdare sa stam in loc. Asa arata inceputul meu […]

Roman la Viena

Ca roman la Viena, vezi fiecare bec de pe strada ca fiind o noua sansa de a straluci. Fiecare briza de vant ca pe o adiere varatica ce te trimite spre succes. Fiecare intarziere a tramvaiului ca fiind o ocazie sa mai rasfoiesti o pagina. Fiecare excursie pana la aeroport ca fiind o ocazie sa […]