We’re not 19 anymore

Although it feels so awkward having to say this: kids, we’re almost grown ups now. Most of the?people my age?reading this post?at this very moment?have either had their graduation ceremony or are getting ready to celebrate in the next couple of weeks. After that, it’s off to the real world (or at least off to […]

The Great Beijing Adventure: from the Hutong to the Forbidden City

Days are moving rapidly in China and as the hours fly by, it seems that the one week long trip will only leave me wanting more. Since I haven’t got used to the local hour in Beijing, I’m currently visiting by day and writing by night, which in a way is quite nice. Although the […]

The Great Beijing Adventure: on getting there in the first place

No matter how hard it might seem to plan a week long trip to East Asia or how many unfriendly tips you may hear about China, if you can get your hands on decently priced tickets, come check this country out! I’ve been here for less than 24 hours and it already feels worth the […]

#Wienblogger meets Startup afterthoughts and invitation

Ich verspreche euch, ich werde nie wieder so viel Zeit zwischen einem eigentlichen Wienblogger Event und den Blogpost mit Links und alles andere lassen. Wie ihr vielleicht auch auf der Eventseite lesen konntet, hatte ich ab Mitte Februar wenig bis kein Internet zur Verf?gung, momentan schreibe ich euch Gedanken aus dem Flughafen Wien (danke Gratis-WLAN!) […]

Travel and tell stories about it

The first time I ever went abroad was back in 2006, when I was 14 and freshly out of middle school. That was the year my dad managed to find the necessary cash for us to drive and visit not one, not two, but eleven countries in Europe, checking out their most famous sightseeing spots […]

The city that never ends

It’s been a great week, a week that has left a lot of beautiful memories behind of the streets that have been walked and the words that have been talked. It feels as if I am leaving a piece of me behind in this place, in this room, in this city. I’d roam through Manhattan […]

Writing about traveling as a non-travel blogger

I may not be a travel blogger, but I really do like to travel a lot! Thing is, until just about two days ago, I didn’t quite manage to get the time, sit down and just write what I’m experiencing during my trips because…well, I really like to travel and I’m more of a “let’s […]

Manhattan – I don’t need a MetroCard, I can walk…

…said the tourist returning from NYC back in 2012. “Ah, you can walk the whole island if you have 1 h 30 min to spare” – gushed my boyfriend then, since he had no clue whatsoever of the traps the city secretly places in your way. So yeah, that’s not true. Whoever heard that from […]

How to fly to New York City for under 305 Euro

First of all, you need a dream. If you don?t dream enough of being in the city you once loved, then loathed, then loved again, you will probably not see the deal to get from FRA to JFK appearing right in front of your eyes one crazy night in November at around 11.40 pm. Then, […]

Krisenkommunikation kurzgefasst

Die Online Welt ist eine gro?e Dschungel oder eine Art Hotel California: “you can check out every time you like, but you can never leave”. Sobald man samt Unternehmen hereingekommen ist, wird man von einer Vielfalt von Individuen angegriffen, ausgelacht oder angeschrien – und das ist nie angenehm. Deshalb versuchen sich viele irgendwie fernzuhalten oder […]