The loud hotel room in Bangkok

You hear the music rumbling, it?s playing so loud from your hotel room that you can?t possibly fall asleep. Even though tomorrow is the day you are officially heading towards paradise, you feel as if you?d already reached it from inside a 15 square meter room. Who needs white sands when you have cool live music humming from downstairs?

The sound of that base, those hit tunes just keep on coming, one by one as the minutes roll by. They resemble the memories you?ve gathered up until this point and decided to let go of here. It?s not just a new city in a new part of South East Asia ? this is also the moment you look right into the eyes of your past just to see how much you moved on. It?s time to let go of the things that kept you locked into a place so far behind and head into a new phase of self-development. Whether this one will be filled with trolleys or backpacks, that is yet to be decided, but there?s a reason why everything is being minimized to the max.

You are the reason. You are the person you?ve been looking for all these years. You are your better half, ready to wonder with you through the night in search of the next adventures and looking for answers to questions yet unspoken. Was it so hard to grasp this? Did you need to go through so many places just to find yourself lying here, in a bed looking towards the mirror, with the laptop in your hands and no more remorse on your face?

Maybe it was. Or maybe you could have done it years ago in one way or another, without taking any other people?s souls hostage until you got your ransom. Who knows? Who can change the past if things have already been written down in stone? Who even wants to do that if the things that had to occur already did?

This feeling of letting go is a blessing. It can?t be resembled to anything else that you?ve experienced over the years. Life seemed to be taking you by surprise when in the end, it was you who was taking everything by storm. Every little piece of information you gained helped you get here, in this moment, in this room, with this mindset. So for all you wanderers out there who can?t help but feel lost every once in a while ? I truly think that this is where the beauty of life lies. This is what separates the good memories from the great ones. Instead of wondering why life gets so loud at times, just listen to the music. You?ll hear the lyrics and laugh, because they represent so many feelings that are waiting for you.

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