Memories from Coco

Didn’t expect to see me around here now, did you? We haven’t met in so long! Meanwhile, you’ve already found your path around the world, settled down, are on your way to building what you think is what you want, while I’m still getting a grip of what is actually happening.

We’ve shared so much over the years and built castles in the sand, wrote comments on walls, posted photos on feeds. We left behind memories and countries and people to take it down to the core. In order to find out who we are, we had to figure out what we are not.

There’s no need for huge chunks of text to prove that writing is more than just words. It’s language, it’s culture, it’s the world filled with amazing beings that we’ve met so far and that we’re still looking forward to meeting. I had set blogging aside for a long while to focus on building up some pieces of this world. I wanted to learn and train and change everything around me.

It took me more than a year to come to terms with this new way of life. On the day I posted the photo you see above, I had travelled for 17 hours to get back from Sibiu to Vienna in time to finish a presentation for my colleagues. After getting out of Coco, I called my mom and told her I missed her already and wished her “Happy Mother’s Day in Austria” – we celebrate it on a different day in Romania. She was so proud of me for getting where I am, for working hard to achieve my dreams, for the things that were about to come. That was the last time we spoke.

When one life ends, another one begins. So no matter what are doing, how you are doing it, who you are doing it with – do it with love.

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