The Big Thank You

The big Thank YouAs you might have seen on my Facebook profile, Instagram account or in this little place I like to call home of thoughts, I really love to travel. It’s what gets me going through the days, it’s what sets my soul on fire every time I want to live out loud and experience/experiment with myself and the world. You see, traveling is something I always wanted to do but never ever thought I’d be doing this often at this age. Even my dear family and boyfriend keep telling me that it might be too much too soon, but thankfully, they all accept my habit of walking into the room telling them about the next great deal across the planet and usually convincing them to take the journey with me.

While remembering my first endeavors through Europe back when I came to Vienna, I cannot help but notice how the budget kept getting smaller, yet the trips kept getting better. As I returned from Amsterdam in the morning, I realized with what ease I stepped into Schiphol after four years of not seeing it – four years after I took my first ever trip across the ocean, to Canada, to see my dear godparents and their lovely children, Denisa and Radu. So much has changed since then! My luggage got lighter, my trips got shorter and multiplied by a dozen, my research got more intense, yet usually done on the night before departing to a new location. But nothing could have been like this if it weren’t for the lovely people who took me into their homes and showed me the cities the way they’re meant to be seen.

If it hadn’t been for Denisa, I wouldn’t have seen Vancouver and fallen in love with the idea of going to the States. Andra took me through whole Switzerland, showing me everything there was to be seen and setting new standards of how to travel the world. Elena hosted me twice in Berlin, each time making me feel at home in a place so far away from home. Anda showed me what it’s like to live in a campus near Paris and thankfully, Ruxi took over and proved that nothing compares to the wonders of the City of Lights. Especially after dark! 🙂 If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have seen Paris three times in seven months. Never in my dreams could I have imagined achieving that. I still can’t realize HOW I did it, but it was so worth it! With Cristi I saw a bright and sunny Stockholm. Corinna showed me the best side of Graz and invited me to meet her family, which was so amazing!

Iulia took us through Beijing and negotiated with everybody in Chinese, before settling for Romanian – a language with better results in terms of pricing in Chinese malls. Carina and Christina made our Amsterdam dream come true! Charlie and Nancy are the coolest Californians we’ve met so far and we can’t wait for them to arrive in Europe next year. Anne hosted us all in her wonderful American Dream home in Michigan and made us want to have more from life than just hope. And then, along came London…Ale helped me fall in love with the city. And then she really helped me fall in love with the city by taking me to the Aqua Shard for cocktails. I’ll never forget that night. It was the night I knew something was about to change.

But more to that later 🙂 see you after the exams embarking on a new trip that will take us to hot, hot parts of the world!

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