#wienblogger November edition – impressions and updates

Wienblogger November 2013“When was the last time you went to a blogger meetup in Austria?” 🙂 Last summer when I asked this question on Twitter, the answer was kind of disappointing, since people originally organized such events before 2010, back when I was still a little girl, blogging from my hometown in Romania. “Would you like to take part in an informal get-to-know-each-other blogger meetup this year?” – the answers were surprisingly positive, because people generally prefer meeting other people in person rather than just seeing their online accounts tweeting, posting on Facebook and being very social media active. That’s how Wienblogger started and it has been a long journey since.

This year has been quite tough for me in terms of university work, which is why I didn’t have time to find sponsors to top off our Christmas get-together last year. But since sweet November came along, a lot of you asked me when we are meeting again, I asked you if you’d like to go back to the original way we got together, so Wienblogger’s back, alright! And yesterday night was a great opportunity to have our very first English-German-Romanian speaking meetup, since people who attended the event were literally from all over the world. You can find photos of us on Instagram and Tweets here.

So before we get to the list of bloggers and onliners who attended, I’d like to ask you this question: what do you think a collaboration between Wienblogger and different companies (such as startup incubators, marketing event organizers, banks and so on) could lead to? Would you like to get to know people who are interested in you as bloggers or would you just want to meet up at a restaurant and have a nice time, no strings attached whatsoever? Please comment below and tell me your opinion (in English, German or whatever language you prefer).

Long story short: wer war dabei? 🙂






Fabian (look him up on Sunday at 9.50 am)





the misterious Florian – found his blog through instagram

+ yours truly, Andra

Hope you had a wonderful evening and see you soon!

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