Pioneers Winners and the new Facebook Page

Well, I’ve been waiting a lot for this Friday to come! First of all, thanks to everybody who participated at the Pioneers Festival contest, it was great to hear your honest opinions on the topic “To have or not to have a Facebook Page”.

Since there were 9 yays and no nays, I decided to finally (after probably 2 years of asking myself this question and hearing people tell me to just do it) launch a Facebook Page for xPRiment. If you like it, you’ll get candy 😉 and probably be the first one to know where I’m travelling, what I’m thinking about, what I’m organizing AND what cute prizes you can win by just leaving a comment below.

Speaking about contests: want to see the winners for two Pioneers tickets? Here they are:


Congratulations Steffi!

And the next prize goes to…


Fabian! I’ll be sure to contact you both via email and give out the prizes, see you next Wednesday-Thursday at the Festival 😉

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