Having the talk

Sat down and talked to my future self today. We had a wonderful conversation about life, work, homes and travels. I asked her how she feels about my current budget trips around the world, she said that they will reach a new level in the following years. I asked her “How come?”, she answered “You’ll see, your whole universe will expand and you’ll do things you never thought of doing…behold:

You’re in a point where nothing seems right and everything seems somewhat too far away from you. Don’t worry, it’s all closer than you think. It will all have happened by March. I’m not telling you which year though, I’m just saying that it will happen until the end of March.

It’s such a long road ahead that you sometimes only see the curves you’re about to approach and not the destination you are heading towards. Don’t be afraid of curves, they’re life’s way of telling you to slow down, relax and enjoy the ride. If not, your breaks might stop working and you’ll hit the ground.

And when you do hit the ground, get up. See what injuries you have, what can heal and what will leave a scar. Let the scars be reminders of how you should act the next time you’re encountering those situations, don’t let them become obstacles on your way. Wear them with grace, learn them by heart.

Now go on and put your winter gear on, because it’s almost November and you have a lot of things you should be doing!”

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