Wake me up when September ends

It’s been a long, long journey through the depths of the world this summer. I’ve seen things that can’t be described in words and I felt emotions that would not make any sense on paper. Yet, for some bizarre reason, I keep returning here, trying to get my things straight and move forward.

Seeing the days go by so thoughtlessly and being caught up on all sorts of webs that kept me from having the world wide one right at the tip of my fingers, I somehow did not get to write what I had in mind when I was in the US. Then, Mallorca and Ibiza drifted away my new found convictions and brought back a part of myself that I had lost for years.

Somewhere between the lines, I turned 22. A beautiful age of innocence and self discovery that will bring some pretty nice memories to the package. For a moment, there was no “I” in the whole sentence anymore. There was just the sun, the waves and the bright blue sky.

Some might say that after you’ve stopped writing for a while, you can never go back to the way you were. But who cares about the way you were if right now is all you have and right here is the best place you can be?

See you in October with a small, but hearty surprise.

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