A Hollywood Story

There comes a time when you just need to let it all go. Let go of the images you once saw in the movies, of all the preconceptions and the glamour of the game, of the words that others speak and think, of the misinterpretations that led you up this hill in the first place. Sometimes you just need to step slowly towards the sign and admire the view from up above, not caring about how hard you got there in the first place and how many hours, nights, weeks, months and years you lost in the process. Because what you don’t lose, you gain for yourself, for the future and for this metaphorical blog post.

The picture of a house in 90210 and a fancy expensive car that takes you to the most well-known places on Rodeo Drive reminds you of a dream you once had for your future, that isn’t accurate anymore. There’s a lot less drama and a lot more strategic thinking nowadays, leading you towards the lady you strive on becoming one day. No matter what postal code you’ll have or which brands you will be wearing.

Take it as a gift and always look after this article before your birthday. You will always have yourself, no matter what dreams you’ll be dreaming or who you’ll be dating. No matter if you’re marriage material or someone who will make it big on his own, with or without offspring, a house and a Labrador Retriever. Remember that this is your passion, that you always turn to writing your thoughts down, whether they are in English, German, Romanian or some new language you’ll learn in the process. And last but not least, remember that there will always be at least one person reading this, thinking about you and hugging you in their mind, while these simple words slowly and tenderly change their life.

Every single step is worth it. So keep writing.

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