What happens if you don’t post regularly on your blog


As you might have seen, it’s been a really long while since my last post. I’ve never ever stayed more than one month away from this little place I like to call second home of my thoughts…and to be honest, it kind of turned into an xPRiment on its own to see just how much I could refuse to post anything online. It’s easy NOT to do something, but check out what consequences it can have on yourself and the people around you:

-an immediate result is that you start to get comfortable with not writing anything aside from your “chores” (University in my case, job posts in some other cases)

-you turn to social media a little less than before and tell yourself that “you’re better than this”, go online and start watching an insane amount of YouTube videos – true story 🙁

-then, you see how this situation slowly shifts towards offline activities that involved blogging and social media – less conferences, less events, less of the “getting to know new people and talking to them” energy you usually had and therefore less opportunities to find something (job, new ventures, new clients for your company) you were looking for

-even if you say you have NO readers at all and that nobody cares if you’re giving up on blogging, you start to hear stuff like “what happened, why are you not posting anymore?”, “do you still have a blog, does this blog still work?”, “you don’t write anymore, you gave up on your passion” (that hurt a lot) – even from people who you really didn’t expect to be reading your blog. This situation is even more inconvenient if you show off your blog in your CV (like I do) and a potential future employer checks out your online activity, sees that you haven’t been active in a long while and goes away. From your blog and from you as an employee.

All in all, nobody truly knows what you’re going through until you tell them. So to be very honest, I’ve been having quite a lot of disappointments lately and didn’t know for sure how to write about them. It occurred to me on several occasions that it was in the middle of the night and I wanted to Write Out Loud what I was feeling, but then just stopped – and chewed on my problems until they faded away.

But now I’m a little better than I was 5 months ago. I had the talks, I finished the 71 ECTS semester and I had the guts to tell you guys all about it (even if you’re my future employer and reading this, you had to know me just a little better before hiring me). We all go through these phases and we all have to lose some to win some. I just don’t want to lose the blog 🙂 it’s a place that has helped me reach so many beautiful things in life and has brought me to so many good people. That’s why I’m asking you to give it (and me) another chance and check out what you get out of it in the next months. I’ll start being a conscious person and blog about my trips abroad, that’s a promise. And, even if they’re just bits of the experiences I’m living, I’ll start blogging about the events I’m attending, no matter what they’re about or where they are happening. That’s something that I owe to you and to myself.

Thanks for staying on board for this entire article and see you soon on this amazing journey called xPRiment! 😉

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