From winter to summer

Long time, no blog posts! A lot of things have been going on in the past weeks (to keep it short, 6 exams in 7 days and 3 papers – consisting of around 80-90 pages – that are due mid July and need research + implementation done). The pressure of keeping up with a big amount of seminars and courses (one year in one semester), all combined with work, has driven me to writing little to no content outside of “what I have to solve right now”.

I thought about posting some of my university related papers online, because they’ve turned out to be really cool, but for that I would really need to hear some feedback from you. Would you like to read researches about digital storytelling in Austrian politics, online reputation management and certain opinions on lobbying? Please leave a comment below 😉

Furthermore, the blogger event I planed out for May (a #wienblogger workshop, to be precise) has been postponed to a point in which I can focus more on finding the right sponsors and helpful people to organize something special. The events in 2012 have been amazing opportunities to get to know cool people, and I wouldn’t like these opportunities to get away.

All in all, it’s a rough time. These are probably the most stressful months of my Bachelor studies and they have to be dealt with if I want to move on in the same pace as I did these past 2 years and a half. But once I’m done with them, there WILL be a hot, hot summer.

I wish you a lot of focus and all the best with the things you are planning to achieve! See you soon on my blog.

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