Painted my nails turquoise and the laptop’s running out of battery. Just a casual Saturday night, I’m standing on my head and thinking about everything that happened this week. For the first time, I actually managed to get all my thoughts together in a single piece of mind. It’s been a long, hard week. And right now I can’t even believe that it’s finally reaching an end.

One always has to give up on something to gain something else. This time, the stakes were too high. I lost a friend for Paris, I’ll probably have to talk to many more the months to come…but it all comes down to the most important question of this semester: are you able to understand me and stay next to me no matter what? If not, just go ahead and mind your own business.

Because for me, friendships are all so much more than just BUSINESS. They’re about learning from each others mistakes, taking chances and discovering the other one even if it means letting go of yourself every once in a while. Unfortunately, I had to learn the rough way that it goes the other way around too: sometimes discovering yourself means letting the other one go.

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