We’re not just dreamers, we’re reality makers

Style changes with every passing year. If you look at photos of yourself from 2010, you’ll see what I mean and you’ll be able to tell just how much has happened these past two years. It’s as if memories keep getting more dense and are wondering towards new parts of the brain that still need to be explored.

Beauty lies in all the details we have conquered over the years. The flaws we have polished and the small truths we have kept to ourselves influence us to become better people. We’re no longer kids on a high street to the big city, we ARE the big city. And this is just the beginning of even better adult stories.

Dear readers, you have accompanied me through this wonderful online journey for the past 5 years and 3 languages. I can only thank you for that and promise that there is a lot more to be xPRimented in the following days, months and years on this little home of my thoughts. So put on a pair of riding boots, buckle up and let’s head to the west (and best) part of our lives!

See you all healthy and beautiful in 2013!

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