Tell me words, beautiful words

Sometimes I wonder whether I should also blog in German on or create a new blog for my thoughts in Goethe’s language. If you have any suggestions, please comment below, it would be very helpful to know what you prefer.

Seeing as time goes by, it’s getting easier and easier to actually put my feelings out in words that were not spoken in my family (or taught during my 19 year interaction with Romanian culture and wisdom). This can only mean that good things are about to happen in the near future, because…well, because I’m a woman of words. I like my thoughts to be expressed as clearly and explicitly as possible and I’m aware of the importance of good quality communication in both the private and the professional sphere.

But it wasn’t always like this: after 12 years of intense studies in German (learning not only grammar and literature, but also Mathematics, Physics, Biology and co. in this language), I arrived in Austria only to find out that there is a lot more to a language that the obvious stuff you are taught in (a foreign) school. From Sackerl to Paradeiser, to one of my favourite dishes, the K?sesp?tzle, there have been immense transformations undergone in my head regarding the symbolic of words. Dialects and the various pronunciations that represent Austria’s federal states are a fascination to a person coming from a country with 20 million people that can technically understand each other and have far less differences in speech and writing.

So take some time and feel the poetry of words. Plain, simple words that have been scratched on a piece of paper or tapped into the virtual world that lies in front of us in the shape of a computer (or tablet, or phone). Take 10 seconds for this xPRiment: just play with some words that come up in your head right now and write a comment below, telling me what you thought about. After that, let’s see if we can make a poem out of them 🙂

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