The big move

As simple as it may sound, moving is never easy…or at least not that easy, if you are a person who realizes how many cosmetics she owns one week before she has to shove them in a box and place them in a different district of Vienna. But, on the bright side of it all, the place where I’m about to live is a looot closer to Stephansplatz, which can only make me want to dance around the (new) house and thank the person who recommended me to check it out.

So, pack your stuff, little girl, because things are literally about to get heavy 🙂 The past few weeks have probably been the busiest and most filled with events in a couple of years, but I can only be thankful for having had the opportunity to attend them and get the most out of them. The only thing I wish I had done is to have written about them immediately afterwards and posted on my blog (but you can always check out my Tweets for live-facts from every event I go to). Sometimes it’s hard to carry around so many thoughts for so long, and I’ve really missed putting them all together in an article.

Moments like these make you cherish the people that you carry inside your heart, the ones that you take with everywhere you go, the ones that you think about when you’re far away and make you feel like home. I’m glad to have met such people for the past 20 years and a half and I hope to make them proud to have met me. It’s just one of the many things that are somehow waiting to happen.

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