EyeEm – communicating through mobile photography

At first glance, when looking over the EyeEm website you discover a beautiful mobile app that allows you to upload pictures, share them with the world and discover a variety of similar photos from other users (let?s say the app ?learns what you love from the pictures you take?). You are able to explore places, check out topics or different events, all expressed through the wonderful language of photography.

In order to describe best?the experience behind the EyeEm project, I asked the founders of this Berlin based start-up (Flo Meissner, Lorenz Aschoff, Gen Sadakane, Ramzi Rizk) and their colleague Severin Matusek from Vienna (head of content and community) a few questions about what they?re doing and why they are doing it. Here?s what I found – more details on TEDxVienna 😉

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