love letter to the city

I’ve fallen for you, Vienna. You’ve showed me both your rainy and your sunny days and made me happy to be a part of them.

You’ve explained to me that none of us is the center of the universe. That I’m not invincible and that I can made awfully big mistakes in order to learn out of them. You’ve accompanied me in times of sorrow, times in which I missed my dear ones from Sibiu and whispered: “it’s ok, we’ll make it through this day”.

Maybe you’re not the love of my life, maybe we won’t even end up together, but you are…wonderful, Vienna. You truly amaze me with every single day I spend in the city. And I believe this is what love really means: trust. I trust in your powers to make me discover my path which each moment spent here. Thank you, Vienna, for giving myself back to me.

And thanks for this lovely job I got this summer 😉

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