Spring fatigue

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last thoughts on paper or on the web (Facebook excluded, that is truly an addiction). Which got me thinking about how much I really DO want to become a writer, since I haven’t even practiced that in such a long while. Let’s name March the month of bookkeeping. I make the balance of all previous action and determine whether it’s worthy to move on or better to focus on something else.

Since spring is finally beginning to show its face in Vienna, I’ve been thinking of doing some small trips around the city (and maybe in some other cities from Austria too, depending on how much cash I’ve got at one point or another) and find my inner…balance. Maybe write some things down, maybe do some soul searching and coffee finding, maybe get myself together for these next months I’ll be facing. Somehow, it’s all going down to one thing: economics. Do I like economics? Does economics like me?

Maybe I feel like this just because it’s Monday, but I really don’t want to do anything right now and still, I feel like another lost day might ruin this new ME that I’m trying to pull together.

I just want to go to sleep, yet I feel very tired of JUST dreaming.

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