2011, here we are

How come every new year starts with a bunch of questions? Is it because you have the feeling of being more powerful, more able to change stuff you didn’t manage to solve in the previous years? Is it because, in some ways, you feel as if every new year is a new chance to start being different, maybe even turn into a better version of yourself?

2011 welcomed me in the most beautiful way possible: with fireworks and the Viennese waltz, with a lot of new hopes and dreams, as well as the ones that weren’t completely fulfilled until the end of the former decade. A new opportunity arises, turning the “kids” I’ve known for years into real grown ups (having grown up wishes with a twist) and making me realise that I’m not that much of a “kid” myself. Having a job experience that constantly challenges me to learn about the people that work in big companies made me sort out some options I had planned for my future. For instance, I’m trying to focus more on the way a new company can be created and developed from a zero standpoint. But since I want to do it right, first I need to accomplish more in my other fields of interest.

What I would suggest to anyone reading this article (myserf included): prioritise. If you leave out a very important aspect of your life when making (and fulfilling) your new year’s resolution, you might find your image (public persona, so to say) drifting apart from who you actually are or who you want to be. Be careful when making wishes, cause sometimes they might actually come true in a different way than expected.

I chose 2011 to be the year I focus on myself. My passions, my music, my works, my body and…of course, my soul. Plus my driver’s licence, since I’ve been meaning to do that in 2009 and didn’t make it through.

What is your word of the year?

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