1 month in Vienna

Well, that’s that! I just completed the “what did I do in one month in Vienna?” test, and the results are:

1. Club the s#$t out of me (by going to at least one event every day of the weekend – which in Viennese terms means every friday and saturday)

2. Visit 5 museums and/or exhibitions (Leopold, Albertina, War Museum, Hundertwasserhaus and the Open Parlament)

3. Spend a load of money on a load of stuff for my appartment

4. Try to avoid glossy restaurants by choosing chinese, cafeteria and “home made” stuff instead

5. Find the right fitness club for my needs (thank you, Club Danube)

6. See 3 movies in Cinemas

7. Lose my way through the BEAUTIFUL streets of this city and find a restaurant that I really want to check out in the near future

8. Receive offers to go back home and politely refuse

9. Discover how to club more in Romania (Cluj, wait uuuuup!)

10. Get to know over 30 of my 4000-7000 colleagues from the WU

11. Do the laundry, wash the dishes, clean the mirrors, tidy up the house. My home! 🙂

12. Make my own latte machiatto (Nescafe Dolce Gusto)

13. Buy gifts and find new places where I can wrap my gifts

14. Tear up a perfectly good blouse

15. Plan my winter holiday in detail

16. On my way to getting the iPhone 4 of my desires

17. See a small part of my large university

18. Overuse free wireless Internet

19. Fall in love with the city

Vienna, this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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