after sibiu tweet meet #1

tweetmeet collage 2First of all, I’m writing this article in english because I want to make sure that all participants understand it. It seems as if our first tweet meet was really a chance to get to know people from different cultures, with different jobs and lives but with one common passion: twitting. Not only have we met “one Aussie and one Dutch”, but a few people who attended the Marketing 24/7 conference also joined us.

After chatting on the terrace of the Continental Forum Hotel, we decided to move on to La Dobrun restaurant, where we had drinks and good romanian food. Because we always like to keep in shape, we went dancing at the Union pub/club and had a nice time over a few…other drinks. The night turned out to be a success because all the people were outgoing and willing to share their thoughts.

This was the first event that I organised, and I promise you it’s not going to be the last! 🙂 I had a wonderful time getting to talk to all the people who took part at this first meet and I hope we will get to see each other a lot more often from now on.

Here is the list of people who took part at #sibiutweetmeet :

Vlad Gidea


Marius Miclea




Diana Bota

Mariana Cosenco

Lucian Todea

Cristi Rus




Aurelian Sandulescu

Dan Virtopeanu




Ciprian Stavar

Rares Budac


I hope you all enjoyed the evening and I’m looking forward to receiving new offers where we could spend the night. Until then, have a nice read/twitt 🙂

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