about my blog

I thought you should know a little more about the reasons I like to write on my blog in order for you to get to know me better. Therefore I decided to answer these 3 simple questions:

1. Why did you build your blog?

I thought of it as a pleasant part time activity where I can focus on improving my communication skills and write about what I like to do, showing my personality off.

2. Who do you want to attract?

I would like to get in touch with young people from all over the country who are interested in the same fields as I am and talk about new subjects, in order to expand our general knowledge.

3. What story do you have to tell?

I don?t like to be asked what, but rather how I would like to tell my story. People who are willing to see me grow up and become a better version of myself are invited to join me throughout the entire xPRiment and see whether they have something interesting to look at.

Si acum sa o luam pe limba romana. In ultima vreme am avut alte prioritati pe care le-am dus la bun sfarsit, iar acum sunt pregatita sa revin la bloguletz cu forte proaspete si un usor aer de vacanta. Aceeasi tendinta spre literatura cu tente de “rupte din cotidian”, o usoara pornire inspre zone mai muzicale (urmeaza sa scriu un articol mai elaborat in directia aceasta). Cate putin din mine in fiecare coltisor din universul virtual in care ma lafai.

Bine te-am regasit! 🙂

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