my ultimate on-offline challenge

So what? I’m 17 and I spend almost 4-5 hours online every single day, most of the time doing…practically nothing.

Yes, I do get a lot of information from thousands of sites and I network my brains off, but at the end of the day there is nothing that I can actually rely on receiving. It seems like investing into a business that didn’t give me any real, tangible profit for a bunch of time.

This is why I have decided to take a loop into reality. For 7 consecutive days, I won’t be opening my laptop for any other reasons than to listen to music or write a Word Document for my school projects. That’s right: no messenger, no twitter, no links, no hi5 and facebook, not even my e-mail address, if it’s not demanded by my computer science prof. I am curious to see whether the amount of information I receive will remain the same and whether I can handle living a full-on 24 hours a day existence with absolutely no diversion. In the end, there will be a pro/con list (and more that that) to show you what I have learned from this challenge .

During this virtual break, I’ll try to xPRiment everything else life has to offer. But, in order to make it a more pleasant and enjoyable activity for you, my dear english speaking reader, I’ll try to document my whole IRL (cica asa se scrie mai nou In Real Life) activity. A very special someone (aka colegul meu de banca si posesorul de iPhone Jei Jei) will be posting an article I write on my computer every once in two days and will be keeping you up with all the juicy details of my (not so) little xPRiment.

No, he’s not going to ruin my blog (please do not ruin my blog, ok?) and he’s not going to add any additional comments to the materials I will send him through a little thingie we like to call “memory stick” (to prove that I am not using the World Wide Web for any purpose). Because he can’t be answering your questions and/or comments, I will do that myself when I return, and I promise you I’ll be back fresher and more full of energy than ever.

Acestea fiind zise, sper sa ma sustii virtual si real (telefonul ramane deschis pentru orice persoana e draguta sa sune iar iesitul la cafele e a doua mea natura) si sa-ti placa sa citesti ce trebaluiesc atunci cand nu “stau pe net”. 🙂

Si uite cum a inceput vara xPRimentelor!

[ne vedem joia viitoare, in 21 mai]

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