what a way to end the day!

I dare you to read and?fill this questionary (or post it on your blog)! Mr. Reinvented gave me a hell of a job at the end of a very nice day…and look what I just did:

If I were a month, I would be June (incepe vacanta).
If I were a day of the week,?I would be?Friday. It’s not so trendy as Saturday, but waaay better than Sunday.
If I were a time of day, I would be 01:34, ora la care am chemat o data pe cineva in oras (aveam 15 ani si ora colgate). Si culmea, a venit.
If I were a sea animal, I would be?a whale?(just so others would wear me on their t-shirts and pretend they’re saving me).
If I were a direction, I would probably be pink and fluffy.
If I were a virtue, I would be hope.?Because you could always find me somewhere?deep inside.?
If I were a historical figure I would be?Cleopatra because she lived in Egypt and was damn pretty.
If I were a planet, I would be Jupiter, yeah, Ju-pi-ter you son of a bitch!
If I were a liquid, I would make you scream for more of me. Oh wait, I already do that :”>
If I were a stone, I would ask wtf is wrong with this questionary.
If I were a bird, I would be a bird. Take it or leave it.

If I were a flower/plant, I would be a frezie (first one to tells me how you call a “frezie” in english gets a price).
If I were a kind of weather, I would be a sunny day living in ibiza and waiting for you.
If I were a musical instrument, I would be a guitar. and make lovely music with you.
If I were an emotion, I would be addictive.
If I were a sound, I would be *laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*.
If I were an element, I would be water.

If I were a song, I would be ?Bittersweet Symphony?, my favourite tune.
If I were a movie, I would be ?Juno?, without the part where she gets pregnant, that sucks.
If I were a tv-series, I would be “Sex and the city”.
If I were a book, I would stay away from all the motivational crap one could read, because then, nobody would find me attractive anymore.
If I were a fictional character, I would be eleva porno. Mai am timp 😛

If I were a food, I would be the best damn thing you’ve ever tasted so far.
If I were a city, I would be Pariiiiiiiiiiis.
If I were a taste, I would be spicy.
If I were a scent, I would be vanillish.
If I were a colour, I would?be red.
If I were a fabric, I would be latex.

If I were a word, I would be Phasenzeigerdiagrammwasserfallmanoeverfussballmannschaftsspielerei.
If I were a body part, I would be boobs. Big, big boobs!
If I were a facial expression, I would be a smile.
If I were a subject in school, I would be sexual education. At least I’m good at something!
If I were a cartoon character, I would be Pebbles.
If I were a shape, I would be a round triangle.
If I were a number, I would be 3. My birthday. Don’t forget the presents!
If I were a car, I would be a red screaming Ferrari.
If I were an item of clothing, I would be a thong. I have a thing for thongs.

Propusii serii sunt: Jei Jei, Andreas, Luana si ZaFox (vezi ca nu te-am uitat?). Pe Nosfy nu-l vad in stare sa duca la capat asa ceva, deci il las moale pe moment. Daca te simti capabil, esti liber sa iei lepshutza si sa o pui pe blogul tau.

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