szeretlek budapest!

although i’m back here, my heart is still there. i left it somewhere between the beautiful boutiques where you could get anything you truly desired during your first 17 years of existence and the very beautiful people i met. doesn’t look like it wants to come back before sziget ends, though.

it’s a hard job wondering what might be happening now, while your train reached its final distance, while you’ve got home safe, sound and…sleepless. it’s difficult to figure out what will happen in the future, after you’ve accomplished the wildest dreams you had set for this summer. but the thought of being able to turn your every desire into reality seems conforting, if not even pleasantly coated with chocolate. the finest swiss chocolate, that is.

after all, dreams come true in the real world, too! and sometimes, they even look better than expected. all i can say about my little sziget experience was that it will certainly not remain the only one, that it was heaven on earth and that it just can’t be described in words. english, deutsch, francais, espagnol, romana, magyaras-they all seem too faint for an event of this size.

i’ll leave a few photos behind, wondering if the world will start to look better after the 13th of August, after the kooks, after the extraordinary sziget festival in 2008. i might as well do anything else, as long as it’s crazy. because, seemingly, i’m really into crazy dreams that tend to come true when you least expect them to. and now it’s all about time and youth.

a little bit of money wouldn’t hurt, either. but that’s not my purpose in life.

[xPRiment lingvistic-should i stick to writing in english in the near future or should i just go back to romanian?]

P.S.-ul extrem de romanesc: I-AM VAZUUUUUUUUT! in sfarsit 🙂

[alanis morissette-ironic]

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