Writing about traveling as a non-travel blogger

Reaching for the EmpireI may not be a travel blogger, but I really do like to travel a lot! Thing is, until just about two days ago, I didn’t quite manage to get the time, sit down and just write what I’m experiencing during my trips because…well, I really like to travel and I’m more of a “let’s go out and explore the city instead of sitting around” kind of person. So much so that I didn’t even manage to post the photos I liked most from my past three trips (London, Dublin and London again) – not to mention start blogging about them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. I’d write 10 hours a day if I knew that by the end of it something good will come out of my thoughts. The fact that this trip to NY is just about me and about how I can manage my own sightseeing + shopping + gift buying time meant that there could finally be a part of the day during which I focus on…you guessed it, writing. I didn’t even know I needed this extra time until I got here. And I’m so glad that I’m doing this right now, right here, from the 23rd floor of a beautiful Manhattan room.

I’ve been wishing for this moment to come for the past 12 years of my life. That moment when I sit down and write my soul away on the streets of a big city – that moment has arrived. This is the time to stop wasting the days in places I don’t belong and simply focus on what’s most important to me. And right now, I really need to get to Chinatown, check out Bleecker Street once more and tell you all about it. See you later!

How it all began

Living in the big city has its ups and downs. There are days when you get up and just want to go back to bed. Then there are other days when you wake up, open the window, smell the fresh air and start dancing in the room, looking forward to getting outside and meeting new people or seeing old friends. Or simply traveling with well connected public transportation that leads you to the heart of the city in less than 10 minutes.

Somehow, you never quite understand why you love living in the city so much. Why the fact that you missed your metro and will probably be late for a meeting or a class makes you smile and think about just how much you wanted to get here in the first place.

Everything has changed so much since you came here a while ago. You were young and hardly knew anybody, had an apartment somewhere none of your newly met acquaintances used to live and were alone for the most part of the day. Since you got extremely bored of your university courses, you decided to take long trips with the trams and buses of the city. It started through exploring the depths of the capital, discovering streets on which you could just walk ahead, searching for answers when you didn’t even know the questions. And then something happened: you found yourself. That person you always dreamed of being, that one was right there, inside, all along. She just needed the right city, the right age and the wrong university courses to unfold.

Three years went by. Now you’re sleeping in a larger bed and dreaming about the next steps in life. It all makes sense now, why you didn’t like to go to those courses, why some of the acquaintances went with the flow and others stayed next to you through thick and thin. It’s very hard to tell what will happen in the next three years. But trust me, they will be at least as amazing as the last ones. Because you’re living in a very, very colorful city.

Later edit: here’s a very inspiring video I just found on Christoph Jeschke‘s blog (he was one of the very first people I met in Vienna in 2010), that might show you a different perspective of “the city”

Making it through TEDxVienna 2011

There are days when you wake up, see the sun from your window and just know something is about to hit you so hard in the face, that you’ll make a turn in your path. This day didn’t seem like one of those, cause I had to go to university and felt a little tired after the previous night. On my way from the metro to campus I always bump into people who give me flyers and small treats, but today I just didn’t feel in the mood for them. Still, I grasped a black and red sheet of paper from this handsome guy and saw the magic words in front of my eyes: “TEDxVienna”. Holy patcholy!

So, after only one month in Vienna, I could get this amazing chance! TEDx is right here, in my new-found city, about 30 minutes away by metro! Read the backside of the sheet and saw: 100 euro. Damn.

After some magic voodoo that I do (and a contribution from a very nice person whom I’ll always be thankful), I got inside and could blog about the whole event. I tweeted to my friends from Romania (didn’t know many people on twitter from Austria back then) and was soooo excited to meet someone who had actually heard about my blog before although he had no previous connection with me whatsoever, only because we were both following the twitter account of TEDxVienna. All this happened at the end of 2010, back when I thought economics was my future and business suits are the coolest ever.

Lucky me, things have evolved both for TEDxVienna and for me. I’ve come to see that writing brings me a lot more happiness than Macroeconomics and TEDx thought of giving bloggers in Austria this great deal: becoming an official blogger of the event! :)

So this is my way of saying that I want to be one of the chosen 5. Cause it’s an opportunity way too amazing to miss!

P.S. When I woke up today, I knew something very special was about to happen.

LATER EDIT: I got the job! :D link here

incotro te indrepti, blondo?

cand ai in fata atatea vise pe care vrei sa le duci la bun sfarsit, cand in urechi iti rasuna muzica tarilor exotice si speri ca, intr-o buna zi, din femeia de afaceri pe care o vei duce in fiecare dimineata la birou se va intrezari aceasta adolescenta nebuna, dar mai matura si mai responsabila iti dai seama ca-ti va fi greu sa te pacalesti pe tine in viitor.

din copilANDRA n-a mai ramas decat numele in ultima vreme, avand in vedere ca mi se cere mereu sa iau viata mai in serios, sa citesc literatura clasica a veacurilor de aur, sa xPRimentez starile banale ale viitoarei corporatiste “de succes”. si sa-mi pastrez ambitia ascunsa intr-un loc pe care-l pot accesa doar eu, in momente de maxima criza inspirationala.

stii tu, draga cititorule, ca daca as stii ca-mi pot castiga painea doar prin a-ti scrie in fiecare zi cate-un articol despre sufletul meu, as face din aceasta pasiune o meserie in sine? mi-e teama ca viata e prea complexa pentru asa ceva. ca va trebui sa invat cum sa-ti vand vise, cum sa te fac sa-ti doresti sa ma cumperi, cum sa maschez orice defect printr-o aparenta calitate ce-mi va face produsul mult mai agreat de catre tine.

…cand as putea sa ma concentrez asupra calitatii adevarate, in detrimentul acestor chichitze definitorii societatii moderne de consum. dar rezolvam si problemele acestea de organizare, iar daca tie-ti va placea sa ma citesti si dupa ce voi fi devenit o blonda mai matura si mai responsabila, promit sa-ti las cel putin cateva materiale pentru posteritate. ca sa le dai copiilor si sa zici:

“nu stiu ce voia blonda asta de la viata, dar pe mine m-a convins sa fac ceva cu a mea!”

[the cat empire-song for elias]

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