How it all began

Living in the big city has its ups and downs. There are days when you get up and just want to go back to bed. Then there are other days when you wake up, open the window, smell the fresh air and start dancing in the room, looking forward to getting outside and meeting new people or seeing old friends. Or simply traveling with well connected public transportation that leads you to the heart of the city in less than 10 minutes.

Somehow, you never quite understand why you love living in the city so much. Why the fact that you missed your metro and will probably be late for a meeting or a class makes you smile and think about just how much you wanted to get here in the first place.

Everything has changed so much since you came here a while ago. You were young and hardly knew anybody, had an apartment somewhere none of your newly met acquaintances used to live and were alone for the most part of the day. Since you got extremely bored of your university courses, you decided to take long trips with the trams and buses of the city. It started through exploring the depths of the capital, discovering streets on which you could just walk ahead, searching for answers when you didn’t even know the questions. And then something happened: you found yourself. That person you always dreamed of being, that one was right there, inside, all along. She just needed the right city, the right age and the wrong university courses to unfold.

Three years went by. Now you’re sleeping in a larger bed and dreaming about the next steps in life. It all makes sense now, why you didn’t like to go to those courses, why some of the acquaintances went with the flow and others stayed next to you through thick and thin. It’s very hard to tell what will happen in the next three years. But trust me, they will be at least as amazing as the last ones. Because you’re living in a very, very colorful city.

Later edit: here’s a very inspiring video I just found on Christoph Jeschke‘s blog (he was one of the very first people I met in Vienna in 2010), that might show you a different perspective of “the city”

how to get a writer to open an online business

There’s this little thing about writers. They’re not arrogant, yet they have a cockiness that outshines the more driven and perseverent people who aren’t able to put their successes into words. Sometimes, a writer is even able to fool himself that he is on top of everything solely by coming up with some brand new idea that he…writes down. But does nothing with it.

Ok, so we have this beautiful, talented writer, young and eager to find his way into the big bold world. How do we make him become more patient considering that he wants to have it all and he wants to have it now? How do we get him to practice and develop his writing skills even if he’s bored and doesn’t get the necessary inspiration out of everyday activities? And most importantly, how do we monetize his whole writing adventure, since he generally likes poems and isn’t very businessy about his talent?

My answer to all the questions above was: get him to open an online business. But how should this blog be considered an online business since it does not have a business plan in its background yet? The fact that you have no advertisements, no other means of promotion and practically no more support from other people in the same field (how’s this person gone with the wind to Austria looking for the Holy Bloggers of this country?) can’t get you really far, can it?

So I’m seeking for a person who’s willing to support my writer’s anguish and get the best out of me. Seriously, there is a lot to offer! If you can’t get the writer to open his own online business, at least let him be a part of someone else’s.

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