Paris preparations

What to do on a rainy Sunday morning? All is still so quiet and naive, thoughts are dribbling and turning and twisting through my mind. The faces I’ve met one day ago seem so crisp, yet so vague, so I can’t write about desires that haven’t been defined so far.

That’s why I turn to you, dear Paris. You’ve inspired me to write ever since we crossed roads in 2007, and now it’s finally time to meet again. You’re the one I’ve faithfully been waiting for all this time, the one that hasn’t made me decide whether New York has more beautiful streets and buildings than you do.

Because it’s about so much more than just the streets and the buildings. It’s about so, so much more than job opportunities and safety and the comfort of living close to the center, but just not quite there yet. It’s about a new state of mind, another way of thinking things through, a path to self discovery and evolution. It’s all about inspiration. About the fact that you give wings to my words.

Paris, I don’t know if New York’s time has arrived yet. But I know for sure that we have waited too long for each other. And that it won’t matter if it’s cold outside, because I still love you. And I always will, no matter where I am. No matter what language I speak on the outside.

À plus tard!

Day trip to Bratislava

Since it was getting hot in the city of Vienna and I could hardly wait to get out of the house, I decided to take a short trip to Bratislava on a sunny Sunday alongside my friend: to get to know the city and its culture/history/buildings better. We were focused on getting the best views in the shortest amount of time, so we followed a map of the old town (thank you Google Maps and HP Printer) and tried to make our way through the city.

It all started with a trip with the Twin City Liner, that we took from Vienna Schwedenplatz and that got us in aproximately 75 min near the Novy Most (New Bridge) in Bratislava. It was very easy to get to the old town, spot buildings such as the St. Martin’s Cathedral or Michael’s Gate considering the fact that these we higher than the rest of the buildings and that there is a pedestrian zone in the old town, which means everything is in walking distance. What truly amazed me was how quiet the streets were, although we could see a lot of locals and tourists. We came across some traditional Slovakian restaurants but didn’t stop to eat. Maybe next time…

On our way to the bus station (it only costs about 7 Euros to get from Bratislava to Vienna by bus/train, so it’s worth it) I noticed a Billa supermarket and was eager to see whether the prices were higher than in Vienna. To my biiiig surprise, I spent the price of a typical Wiener Melange Coffee (3.7 Euros) to get…a whole lot of snacks and drinks for the road and for home. I LOVE the fact that Bratislava also opens its stores on Sundays and allows people to enjoy the pleasure of shopping (check out the Aupark website for yourself – open til 9 pm!) on days when you can only get bored or visit a museum in Vienna.

All in all, it was a great experience and I’ll be sure to come to Bratislava again for some new clothes that I’m dying to buy on a Sunday (when all Viennese stores are closed), or at least for some chilling walks around town.

kusadasi 2009

Here I am, ready to go on a new trip again! This time it’s a place I’ve never visited before: I’m heading straight towards Turkey and am going to cross through Bulgaria for the first time.

After 4 days at the Felsziget festival and one day at home, this will probably remain a journey I will never forget. I can’t wait to get to know this part of Asia and meet a totally different culture and way of life.

I’ll keep you posted about my adventures whenever I get the chance to go online (my laptop stays at home, I’m only taking books and my swimming suit with me) and if not, you’ll hear from me as soon as I get home.

Enjoy the sunny days in the meanwhile!

coke live peninsula 2009

Se aduna o multime de trupe de diferite genuri. Se strang in jurul lor oameni de mai multe etnii, din mai multe categorii, cu mai multe frizuri si mai multe povesti de spus, se aseaza in corturi pe un camp, li se da de baut dupa chip si asemanare si se pun toti in fata unei scene imense.


Un festival foarte reusit din punct de vedere al lineup-ului, o ocazie propice pentru a putea studia natura umana intr-un mediu deosebit. Un motiv in plus pentru a dori sa fugi de acasa si sa nu mai deranjezi vecinul care nu iti suporta muzica data la maxim.

Cred ca fiecare persoana care a patruns in ultimele 4 zile in perimetrul festivalului a avut un scop oficial si unul neoficial pentru care a facut acest lucru. Unii si-au gasit jumatatea, altii au gasit un loc de distractii, cei mai multi au intalnit oameni cu aceleasi preferinte muzicale ca si ei si au descoperit noi metode de petrecere a timpului liber.

Eu am venit aici ca sa scap. Nu de casa, nu de griji, nu de parinti sau prieten. Am reusit sa scap de tensiunile acumulate in ultimul timp si sa-mi iau un ragaz pentru gandire. Pentru a face noi xPRimente alaturi de persoane cu care nu m-as intalni in mod normal.

Si desigur, am venit pentru atmosfera. In speranta ca in 2010 ma teleportez de la FelSziget direct la Sziget-the real deal.

[Iris-Pentru totdeauna]

and there was Tiesto

tiestoE de-a dreptul ciudat sa-ti dai seama cat de tare iti doresti sa soseasca un moment atunci cand acesta e foarte apropiat de tine. Aproape poti simti cum ceva puternic urmeaza sa te loveasca drept in piept si sa-ti taie respiratia. Te astepti sa primesti mult, dar primesti totul.

Senzatia pe care am avut-o cu 5 minute inainte ca Tiesto sa-si faca aparitia in fata mea a fost covarsitoare. Nu credeam ca voi ajunge atat de nerabdatoare sa-l vad, sa-l ascult si sa traiesc intreaga senzatie aferenta unui set mix al sau. Dar s-a intamplat tocmai acum, in 2009, si tocmai aici, in Romania, la Targu Mures. Si a fost mai mult decat ce ma asteptam sa xPRimentez!

Pure emotion. Pure passion. Pure music. Pur si simplu nu m-am putut abtine sa zbier, sa rad, sa dansez, sa sar, sa fotografiez, sa cant in rand cu toata lumea “LOOOOVE COOOOOMES AGAAAAAIN” si sa vibrez. A fost unul dintre acele clipe pe care nu le voi uita niciodata. Si pentru care voi strabate lumea pentru a le simti din nou, din nou, din nou.

Pentru ca mi-am dorit mult sa ajung in acest punct. Sa intalnesc oameni noi, sa privesc lucrurile dintr-o perspectiva diferita si sa ma bucur de ce este mai frumos in viata.


Later edit: Fi atent la primele secunde din clipul urmator :)

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