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In 2014, I visited 24 destinations: Dublin, London, New York, Zillertal, Geneva, Beijing, Shanghai, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hammamet, Douz, Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Bucharest, München, London 2, Athens, Prague, Paris, London 3.

There were 33 flight segments in 52 weeks. The total amount of money I spent in all of these trips was under 8000 Euro. That means an average of 333 Euro per trip which included flights, transportation, accommodation, food and quite a bit of shopping – clothes, BAGS, souvenirs. I had saved this money through my previous internships + part time jobs in Vienna when I was 21-22. At that time my family was supporting me financially in Vienna, but that is not the case anymore since starting to work for an American IT company you might have heard about.

The year took a turn in August during my trip through the Sahara desert, when I found out about my mom’s health problem. Then, I started to travel even more to show her the beauty of this world, even if she only sees it on Facebook.

I don’t know if we will ever grow to be 100 years old and frankly, I don’t even care. If every year from now on will be as beautiful as this one was, I will forever be grateful for the people I meet and the time I spend on this Earth. Thank you for sticking around and reading my words, even if they were sometimes scarce and painful. And if you haven’t stuck around to see everything I had to give, thank you for at least being part of a very special moment.

Follow me through a year filled with happiness and great articles on a new travel blog where I will tell you my travel secrets and help you realize your dreams.

If you find me, of course ;)

Travel and tell stories about it

Beijing Great WallThe first time I ever went abroad was back in 2006, when I was 14 and freshly out of middle school. That was the year my dad managed to find the necessary cash for us to drive and visit not one, not two, but eleven countries in Europe, checking out their most famous sightseeing spots as we moved ahead. At the time, I had heard so many stories about “strainatate” (countries abroad) and knew that the chance of visiting all of them was so little, that there was no use for me to hope to see the world. We had had little to no budget of going on vacations over the past years and I was starting to get used to the fact that Bucharest would probably be my last stop on the journey towards self discovery.

Then I met Vienna. It was my glimpse of hope for a better future, for myself as well as for the ones that will arrive after me. I felt secure walking down the streets of this wonderful city, it felt like the home I never quite managed to get in my hometown of Sibiu. It was the city I needed for a start worthy of the dreams I’ve always had – and just didn’t have the courage to pursue until that age. And soon after, in 2008, after visiting Croatia and traveling back to Sibiu via Vienna, I called my father telling him that I want to study in Vienna more than anything in the world.

In 2010, we made it happen. With the help of my amazing family, I’m able to write these thoughts from one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world, getting ready to wrap up my studies in the field of Communication and Media. It’s 2014 and I’ve been traveling these past months more than I did in my entire life (just read the first paragraph again to see how many countries I saw in my first trip through Europe and come back here). I’m trying to remember all the places I’ve seen in 2013 and up until now, but honestly, I didn’t even get the chance to upload all the photos I’ve shot in my last 5 trips onto my computer let alone think about each experience. And that’s a shame.

Since photography is a just a hobby, but writing is my life, I really want to tell you the stories I’ve been living these years. Some are boring and need a lot of insider information to get even slightly logical, but the most of them make a lot of sense and are worthy of being written down. If somebody would have told me that I can get to NY for 300 Euro and to Beijing for 250 Euro, I would have probably laughed hard and thought that person is crazy. But look at what I’m doing now…and look at where I’m heading towards next ;) .

Inspiring you to start new roads: travel blogs

There are million different feelings we experience when visiting a new place. Thoughts come up about what we should see or what we should skip and as we reach for our guide book, we discover that it can’t always help us make a decision. That is because they are usually built the same way, focusing on the more popular sights of a city and using an impersonal tone. Here’s where travel blogs come in handy.

So what are the differences between a guide book and a travel blog? Find out more on this week’s TEDxVienna article :)


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