the not so glamourous part about living on your own

First of all, I would like to point out the fact that I am extremely grateful (to both God and my parents) for the fact that I have the financial and moral support to be living in a rented appartment in Vienna at the wonderful age of 19. It is a chance that I received from life and probably one of the reasons why I got accustomed to this city in the first place, because I know that many people would like to xPRiment, but don’t have the financial means to. What I can say to you (if you are in that position) is that you must fight to get the best out of what you already have and…if you really wish to go abroad for college, think “private scholarships” or “Erasmus programs”. You can do it if you really want!

I noticed while talking to a younger person from my school that I’ve drastically changed my perception of Vienna from the 12th grade to the first year of University, and that is because I currently LIVE here and can actually perceive the way I have to solve some stuff about my studies or about my after-school life.

The first thing that appeared in my new life was an Agenda I got for free from the Raiffeisen Bank (a small “bribe” to make me get a free student deposit at their bank – it is mandatory for foreign students to have a deposit at an austrian bank, by the way) which changed the way I planned my schedule. This agenda got highly addictive, because soon enough I started taking it with me to the supermarket and to the fitness center. I practically note EVERYTHING down in it, from people I have to call to the grocery I have to buy next time I go out.

Which brings us to the not so glamourous part of this article: taking take of the appartment. While it seems easy to dust and vacuum clean a teeny tiny place, once you realise you have to: wash the dishes, do the laundry, wash the mirrors, dust, vacuum clean, dry clean the laundry, go to the gym AND learn for that exam that is approaching, you start to miss home a lot. I’m a lucky girl to have to lose some pounds, so I don’t cook very often, but still…the schedule gets “uberfordernd” (that’s german for “overwhelming”). The agenda will help you set things straight and organize the week according to the chores you have to do.

Then there’s another thing that occures: in Romanian it’s called “LENE” (laziness) and it happens to hit you when you least expect it. Suddenly, you feel the need to watch a movie or some episodes from “Gossip Girl” and there’s no one in the house to stop you. Well, this “LENE” will make you lose a lot of your time and after two days of “How I met your mother” marathon, you will realize that you miss someone constantly bugging you and asking whether you’ve “done your homework”. You have to find a suiting system to get yourself back on track or else you’ll miss out on the important things that are happening in life.

Sure, there’s no one there to stop you from going out every night, partying like a rockstar and getting wasted, but there’s also no one there to give you the right meds when you’re sick or hug you when something goes bad. And you’re going to miss that a lot. (Plus you sometimes have to choose between buying a new pair of jeans or food, which is also kinda bad)

In the end, Vienna still remains amazing. And earning that financial INDEPENDENCE that you’re craving for is worth every sacrifice, if that is what you really want.

[falco - vienna calling]

p.s. going abroad is a very nice way of getting to love your parents more and more. you’ll see what I mean once you’re 850 km away from home :D

Long Night of the Museums

Who ever hears Picasso, Monet, Warhol, Klimt, Manet, Cezanne, Giacometti and Michelangelo in the same sentence thinks about a looot of paintings hanging around with a lot of people trying to notice what they are actually meant to say.On saturday, I got the chance to be one of those people @ “ORF Lange Nacht der Museen” (ORF Long Night of the Museums), where one could pay a single ticket and be directed to all the museums in Austria. For me, two museums (and 5 exhibitions) in Vienna were more than enough, but I enjoyed a pleasant evening in the company of my friend from Jura, Teo, and the works of all these artists I previously spoke about.

Walking through the Museumsquartier, it came to me that I am living in a city of music and arts and I should take advantage of all these events in order to explore the other part of me that I’ve been hiding for so long: karaoke contests, here I come! :) Today (n.n. on Monday) I also realized that nothing’s going to be easy in the next couple of months, but it’s up to me to get the highest profit with the lowest amount of work.

I’m excited! I really am. And by tomorrow, I’ll know what a “Blockveranstaltung” (big big big course – this one will last 10 hours!) truly means. Until then!

Willkommen in Wien

We wish you a pleasant stay and a lot of new opportunities :)

Upon my arrival in Vienna, I’ve managed to get my stuff (my many, many, many stuff) in their right place, to order a Master Card (Bankomatkarte), receive a health insurance and a paper that states that I’m living in the city for the next couple of…years and briefly discover the benefits of being a student at the WU.

It all started out on thursday, when the new students @WU had their “Welcome Day”, which included presentations of our fields of study, of the scolarships we are able to obtain and, most importantly (to me), of the reknown “Auslandsemester” (exchange semester) that we have to complete in order to finish the Bachelor of Science (in the field International Business Administration, which is what I am aiming for). Although there were a lot, and I mean A LOT of new students, it seemed as if every speech was designed to discover what you want for yourself in the future.

The thing that I realized about WU is that nobody is pushing you to complete your studies in time. You are the one who chooses when you want to take your classes, if you want to learn for your exams, if you want to take your exams. Yet, you are the one who has to find out a way to push yourself to the limits. Face your fears, go that extra mile that takes you from being a “Matrikelnummer” to a full time commited person.

xPRimenting Vienna as a student may be a big risk, but it’s a risk I was always eager to take. So hop on board and join the WU-bim (tram) to victory!

I’ll be back right after the Long Night of the Museums ;)

cea mai lunga zi de nastere

Bine te-am gasit din nou! Desi acest articol va fi mai scurt (dat fiind faptul ca sunt in toiul pregatirilor cu shopping-ul pentru petrecerile de ziua mea, infrumusetatul, cumparatul baloanelor – se pare ca e cool sa ai baloane de ziua ta in Canada – si gasitul oamenilor cu care sa merg in cluburile din Vancouver si sa petrec faptul ca DEVIN LEGALAAAA si la ei), sper sa te faca din nou sa zambesti :) .

Ma pregatesc din plin pentru cea mai lunga zi de nastere din viata mea: primele 10 ore pe care le petreceti in Romania pentru mine, ca apoi sa ma alaturez si eu din Canada si sa mai facem party party bum bum inca vreo 24, 48, 72 de ore! Asa ca 3 septembrie, here I come! :D

Pentru ziua mea, cel mai mult imi doresc sa fiu sanatoasa si plina de ambitie, pentru a continua drumul pe care l-am inceput odata cu decizia de a pleca la Viena. Totusi, de la tine orice cadou sau gand bun este bine venit si foarte apreciat!

Sa ne auzim cu bine “ca la 19 ani” ;)

P.S. Please God, give me an iPhone!

concluzii dupa ICDD

Saptamana trecuta am avut ocazia sa particip la prima mea sesiune de comunicari destinata studentilor (si elevilor deopotriva) din domeniul matematicii si informaticii. Desi nu mi-am exprimat direct pana acum aceasta latura, e important sa stii faptul ca ma aflu la finalul liceului german, sectia mate-info (info intensiv), iar informatica, atat ca materie, cat si ca suport de dezvoltare a mentalitatii, m-a pasionat de cand am scris primele randuri de cod.

Aceasta provocare s-a dovedit a fi foarte utila, deoarece la finalul zilei am tras o linie si am observat urmatoarele ganduri ce mi-au trecut pe durata acelei zile:

1. au fost emotii MULTE (primul meu speech si primele note pe care le-am adaugat felului in care imi doresc sa vorbesc in fata unei audiente si felul in care o fac momentan + cred ca si studentii erau mai “cruzi” in domeniul vorbirii in public, dat fiind ca nu am inteles scopul anumitor proiecte)

2. proiectele elaborate nu erau mereu destinate vanzarii si dezvoltarii ulterioare, ceea ce m-a surprins foarte tare (si nu tocmai intr-un sens pozitiv): mi se pare ca programarea e unul dintre acele zone in care, daca nu esti up-to-date, devii ob-so-lete intr-un timp foarte scurt, iar afirmatia unui baiat conform careia “daca eu stiu sa programez in X – nu-mi mai amintesc numele – 2005, imi ajunge” m-a socat.

3. fara cap si fara coada – asa s-ar fi putut caracteriza anumite aplicatii ce-si doreau sa imite alte aplicatii deja existente pe piata, insa aveau multe buguri, putine feature-uri si…no usability (in cadrul unei aplicatii urma sa-ti copiezi singur filmul de pe torrent daca doreai sa il ai intr-o baza de date a acesteia?!). Poate imi explica un programator dorinta aceasta de imitatie FARA a aduce nimic nou, original, DIFERIT la un program deja vazut, vandut, folosit. Mi-ar fi de folos pentru a nu judeca eronat proiectele ulterioare.

In final, am apreciat efortul tuturor studentilor din tara de a veni si a-si prezenta aplicatiile in fata unui juriu specializat si a “micilor critici” din public si sper ca ideile enumerate mai sus sa dezvolte intr-un mod pozitiv atat mentalitatea celor ce elaboreaza software-uri, aplicatii & co., cat si celor ce se ocupa cu promovarea si comercializarea acestora.

In fiecare programator zace un vanzator. Daca nu, stii unde sa ma cauti. ;)

sfaturi pentru viitorul student la Viena

Nu spune “hop!” pana cand nu ai sarit. (Anonim)

Deoarece am reusit sa ajung la Viena in vacanta de Pasti pentru a ma interesa despre toate formalitatile de admitere si inscrierea la camin, am revenit in tara cu cateva lamuriri ce sper sa ajute orice elev ce-si doreste sa fie admis la o facultate din Viena (ma refer la cele de stat). In principiu ma adresez celor ce isi doresc sa continue studiile la WU(Wirtschaftsuniversitaet), insa informatiile referitoare la camine sunt valabile pentru toti.

Caminele din Viena

Vei observa pe site-ul viitoarei tale universitati faptul ca aceasta iti ofera link-uri catre diferite agregatoare de camine, deoarece in Viena nu exista un “campus” propriu-zis, ci o multitudine de camine unde se pot inscrie studentii oricarei universitati. Aceste site-uri sunt FOARTE utile si te vor ajuta sa localizezi cele mai favorabile camine ca si locatie. Nu te limita doar la cele din Bezirk-ul tau (de exemplu, Bezirk 9 pentru WU), ci incearca sa te inscrii si la cele din Bezirk-ele alaturate (fiindca mijloacele de transport in comun functioneaza foarte bine si te duc usor dintr-un loc in altul). Incearca sa te inscrii pe aceste site-uri DIN TIMP (iti recomand lunile ianuarie-februarie, deoarece informatiile pentru cei interesati vor fi procesate IN ORDINEA INSCRIERII PE SITE). Pentru link-urile pe care ti le ofer nu exista alta cale de inscriere la camine decat prin intermediul site-ului, deoarece in Viena nimic nu functioneaza la mica tocmeala (o zic din experienta acumulata in vacanta).

Home4Students (caminele ofera cam toate aceleasi conditii: dus, WC, TV, telefon, internet, fitness, bucatarie la comun pe acelasi etaj, hainele se pot spala la subsol la o mare masina de spalat-costa 2 euro per utilizare)

Wihast (preturi putin mai bune, insa nu stiu detalii despre conditiile din camine – presupun ca sunt acelasi, insa merita verificata pagina de detalii a fiecarui camin in parte)

Voi reveni cu un articol despre locuintele si Wohngemeinschaften (WGs) din Viena de indata ce dispun de suficiente informatii, momentan stiu sigur ca a locui in camin e cea mai rentabila varianta din punct de vedere financiar.

Facultatile din Viena

In acest oras exista (conform wikipedia) 9 universitati, insa eu am fost familiarizata cu 3 Unis mari si late: Uni Wien (cea mai veche universitate si cea care contine toate tipurile de specializari pentru studenti), WU (Wirtschaftsuniversitaet, universitatea de economie ce ofera specializari precum Stiinte Sociale, Administrarea Afacerilor Internationale si Economie pentru 30.000 de studenti) si TU( Technisches Universitaet, un fel de politehnica pentru cei ce-si doresc sa devina ingineri sau sa lucreze in zona de IT).

La WU nu exista admitere, deoarece facultatea functioneaza in regimul “Intra cine vrea, iasa cine poate”. Astfel, daca ai trecut BAC-ul si dispui de hartia care sa ateste acest lucru in original si copie legalizata in germana/engleza (+diploma de certificare a cunostiintelor de limba germana – de exemplu DSD II) te poti duce direct la Biroul de Admitere pentru a te inscrie la facultate (intre lunile iulie-septembrie). Cursurile incep de la 1 octombrie, fiind precedate de o conferinta de pregatire a viitorilor studenti ce are loc in 30 septembrie (si la care sper sa particip si eu anul acesta).

Transportul in Viena

Recomandarea mea este sa folosesti transportul in comun (costa 129 euro pe semestru pentru studenti), deoarece functioneaza foarte bine, exista mereu mijlocul de transport care sa te duca in locul in care iti doresti sa ajungi SI parcarile in Viena sunt foarte scumpe (la camine costa undeva intre 75-100 de euro pe luna sa-ti lasi masina in parking, nu cunosc preturile de la parcarile din oras, masinile sunt ridicate daca sunt gasite parcate neregulamentar).

Timpul liber?

Sper ca de indata ce ajung studenta sa-mi gasesc suficient timp pentru a explora atat din “bunatatile culturale” oferite de Viena (prea multe pentru a fi insirate intr-un singur articol), cat si din oportunitatile de shopping (mall-ul in care am ajuns la sfarsitul excursiei se numeste Shopping Center Sued si este INCREDIBIL de mare: 25 ha). Despre cluburi nu m-am interesat in mod deosebit, insa sunt sigura ca exista alternative pentru fiecare tip de persoana si fiecare gust in materie de muzica. Totul este sa ajungi acolo!

Daca ai vreo intrebare, o informatie aditionala pentru cititori sau ti se pare ca am gresit o formulare in articol, te rog sa-mi trimiti un comentariu. Iti multumesc si sper sa-ti fie de folos informatia!

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