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#wienblogger November edition – impressions and updates

Wienblogger November 2013“When was the last time you went to a blogger meetup in Austria?” :) Last summer when I asked this question on Twitter, the answer was kind of disappointing, since people originally organized such events before 2010, back when I was still a little girl, blogging from my hometown in Romania. “Would you like to take part in an informal get-to-know-each-other blogger meetup this year?” – the answers were surprisingly positive, because people generally prefer meeting other people in person rather than just seeing their online accounts tweeting, posting on Facebook and being very social media active. That’s how Wienblogger started and it has been a long journey since.

This year has been quite tough for me in terms of university work, which is why I didn’t have time to find sponsors to top off our Christmas get-together last year. But since sweet November came along, a lot of you asked me when we are meeting again, I asked you if you’d like to go back to the original way we got together, so Wienblogger’s back, alright! And yesterday night was a great opportunity to have our very first English-German-Romanian speaking meetup, since people who attended the event were literally from all over the world. You can find photos of us on Instagram and Tweets here.

So before we get to the list of bloggers and onliners who attended, I’d like to ask you this question: what do you think a collaboration between Wienblogger and different companies (such as startup incubators, marketing event organizers, banks and so on) could lead to? Would you like to get to know people who are interested in you as bloggers or would you just want to meet up at a restaurant and have a nice time, no strings attached whatsoever? Please comment below and tell me your opinion (in English, German or whatever language you prefer).

Long story short: wer war dabei? :)






Fabian (look him up on Sunday at 9.50 am)





the misterious Florian – found his blog through instagram

+ yours truly, Andra

Hope you had a wonderful evening and see you soon!

9 lessons learned from Vienna

On the dawn of my 9 month anniversary in Vienna (officially, I’ve been living here since the 1st of October 2010, unofficially see the date in this article) I decided to expose the 9 most wonderful and inspiring things I’ve gathered since moving here:

1. You can learn about the stuff you like no matter what conditions you have. BUT if you DON’T want to learn something because it DOESN’T interest you, even if you’re living the life of a princess, you simply WON’T face it. It will tear up your soul bit by bit with every failed exam, until you reach the point of your life where you say: “ENOUGH, it’s time to do something that I LIKE”. And I can honestly thank Vienna for making me reach that point so quickly and deciding that I just want to write for a living.

2. People will crush you. People will hate you. People will ignore you or laugh at you for doing something differently. But those people will not matter once you’ve met the right ones. The ones who are not afraid to tell you the truth in your face, yet stand by you when you’re at your lowest. And highest :) Thank you.

3. True love might just be a fairy tale. Still, if you’ve found the one who loves you the way YOU ARE, keep him/her. No matter if you live in the same neighborhood or if he/she is thousand miles apart. Thank you.

4. Life is not all about making a fortune, being on the cover of Forbes magazine, having expensive cars and a yacht. But it’s OK if you give your best to try to obtain WHAT IT IS that you really want. In my case, that means seeing the world. Thank you Andra and Elena for receiving me into your homes this year, thank you Renato for showing me the Barcelona offer and thank you, and for all the rest of the magic.

5. It’s great to have people you can look up to.

6. I will one day live in a city at the seaside. I miss waiting for the perfect wave.

7. “When in Vienna, dress as the people do”. Very, very important thing I’ve learned this year. Now I actually feel the NEED to go shopping every now and then, because it’s fun.

8. Explore the wonders of local libraries.

9. Clubbing can do amazing things for your social life, yet do it wisely, moderately and NOT during “Pruefungswoche”!

Please share a lesson you’ve learned this past school/university year in the comments below :)

day and night

I just reached a turning point in my life: things have looked both precious and sad in the past few weeks, with emotions ranging from pure love to pure depression in the city. It’s because I miss my parents, my family and my friends, it’s also because things are starting to get a little bit stressful around this time of the year (my first exams have knocked on the door and I feel as if I’m facing them NAKED and very scared), so there are a number of reasons why I feel like this.

Thankfully, I’m going to take a break from Vienna next week and visit my friend Andrei in Cluj, after which I’m going to Sibiu for the weekend to see my folks. My 2 months anniversary won’t be nearly as glamourous as the previous one, BUT…I learned a lot of things out of these weeks of meditation, tears, books and cold weather:

First of all, it’s crucial to focus if you’re a student at the WU. My confusion in grasping some information from class and from my own personal studies may affect the grades that I’ll get of these first 2 exams, which is why I decided to pay more attention. To listen as much as I can, write down the most important things that I have elaborated in my head and practice. Practice. Practice.

Secondly, organising your schedule may cause some sort of rut, but it’s a lot more helpful than wasting your days sleeping after noon and watching TV shows *true story!*. Also, there’s a connection between the way you get your things straight and the way you appear to others: if your mind is blown away because of all the things you have to do and don’t know when, your exterior WILL be influenced. In an industry where appearance (not just how beautiful, tall or slim you are, but how you look) is a key factor in networking, establishing new contacts and getting good business done, it matters how balanced you are in your personal life. A lot. So more zen and less TV shows for me.

Finally, a thing I learned after turning paranoid about the fact that I am alone in an appartment in the middle of a big city: always remember to relax. Take some time off to walk around the block, call someone or send a text message, look at the people who are still with you even in rougher times. And thank the lord, day and night, for allowing you to experience all this and much more in such a wonderful place from this planet.

Vienna is the city that will take me to my next adventures, so thanks! :)

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