student in Viena

to be continued!

All the things I have thought, said and done have brought me here. Right in this point of my life, right up to this moment. The people I’ve chosen to trust, the ones I have chosen to ignore and those who were lucky enough to get my full attention even for one second, they have taught me the most valuable things about myself. About life and what should be done in order to become a happy person. Who I should choose to be for me and for them.

I sit here, listening to some very summery music and thinking about all the stuff I am thankful for. For the worst experiences of my life, for my deepest sorrows, for my biggest mistakes. They have brought me in this wonderful place I call home nowadays. They have drifted me apart from the people I could’ve cared for so much and brought me in the arms of the ones who love me as if I were their family.

Some call it destiny, others call it luck. I call it “paving of the path” and tend to be surprised of the way things turn out to be most of the time.

Now let’s see what the future holds and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the months to come. Gotta get across a very bumpy road, but hey, it was MY choice to learn how to drive. :)


se pregateste

nu era pentru prima data cand se nastea, insa era prima data cand nu-si scotea doar capul, ci intregul corp prin bucata sparta a cojii. se trezea tocmai intr-o luni de dimineata cu bagajele asezate in plasute, cu tigaile si oalele pregatite, cu hainele asezate pe sezoane si pe stiluri, intrebandu-se daca viata are vreun sens si daca EA, tocmai ea il va descoperi vreodata.

cu aceste ganduri in minte, din spate primeste un sut in fund ce o directioneaza drept in mijlocul exilului si ii redirectioneaza amintirile catre viitor, in loc sa le mentina in trecut. o asteapta neantul, o garsoniera goala si multe lichide de curatat ferestrele pe care trebuie sa invete sa le foloseasca in timpul cel mai scurt. i se acorda o imprimanta multifunctionala si multe coli de hartie albe, goale pe care este nevoita sa le umple cu informatii utile. i se atribuie un rol in societate pentru a o determina sa-si priveasca destinul ca pe un eveniment important al omenirii si pentru a o indemna sa alerge dupa obiectul cel mai la indemana posibil: banul.

un nou inceput se pregateste. ea se pregateste pentru un nou inceput.

[xPRimentul cel mai provocator din viata mea e pe cale sa inceapa. stay tuned to find out more]

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