On being a Pioneer in Vienna

“You can start a business anywhere you want in the world, as long as you’re driven”. This is what a speaker mentioned on day one of the Pioneers Festival, held this year between the 29th-31th of October at the Hofburg in Vienna. What do you think about this statement?

To summarize what I am about to say in the following article, you need to go to the Pioneers Festival in 2013 if you:

-are looking for change in your life and career

-strive to make some international connections on the spot

-want to see speakers debating current issues from an insider perspective.

It’s intriguing to see just how much events such as this and TEDxVienna (which I will be attending later on today) have changed the spirit of the city. Not long ago, things moved a little bit slower. People seemed to be looking at the future doubtfully, with a self-restraint towards ambitious ideas like: Chile? Lisbon for incubation? The Far East? Why not? Everything is worth a try, no matter how distant it might look and how expensive the ticket towards it may be. Or maybe it’s just me.

Pioneers is yet another great opportunity to make international connections and discover some projects that are worth communicating about – > check out the catch box. And the speakers….oh, the speakers! The themes debated by them were exactly ones that grab you from your seat and bring you to the point where you HAVE to make a change about the way you perceive business. I mostly attended the Startup Academy classes and got exactly what I was hoping for: authentic insights.

Thank you Pioneers for giving me the possibilty to experience this event on a full scale “Blogger/Press Pass” and therefore offering me the opportunity to get to organize our first ever “spontaneous #wienblogger meet up“, which on day two was a complete success! Also thank you to the people who participated at it and I’m looking forward to seeing you in December, this time at a surprise Christmas edition of our blogmeet.

TEDxVienna 2010

TEDxVienna is the first conference I attended ever since moving to Vienna (about two months ago). It was a mindblowing experience that made me realize (over and over again) how much people need other people in order to fill up their lives with joy. But I’ll get to that later on.

Let’s start with the description of the event: have you ever heard of TED? This is a website that gathers inspiring speeches from all around the world and puts them online for everyone to see and share. They call it “ideas worth spreading” and it involves your own sense of perception towards the different aspects of life. Well, the big TED organizes its own events (unfortunately in the States) but it also allows independent events (by the name of TEDx events) to be held all around the world. Vlad Gozman, one of the wonderful people who helped TEDxVienna 2010 take place, didn’t have the time to tell me how he got the idea of making this happen, but I’ll be sure to get the story from him and return with details :) .

Now, let’s pass on to the parts of TEDxVienna 2010 that appealed to me the most: the speeches. I constantly tweeted during the presentations (more about that here) and, among other information, I found out that “The only way to get ahead is to become a compliant robot”, but didn’t want to listen to that, so I decided to “unlock deeper values and accept diversity in creativity” (Jessica White-Creativity unlocks). A presentation about the future of the “bionic eye” and the fact that the main cause of blindness is cataract in most underdeveloped countries made me shiver. And thank the lord for living in Europe and solving my sight problems on time (Gregoire Cosendai-Hopes of restoring vision to the blind).

Speaking about Europe, “do you know who is the winner at every Oscar premiere? European fashion” (said Sabine Seymour during her presentation about functional aestetics – the combo between FASHION and TECHNOLOGY). Selma Prodanovic was…amazing. Absolutely amazing. She made us even stand up from our chairs and promise ourselves to change the world and make it a better place!

Sean Bonner and Johannes Grenzfurthner were so funny and great, that I can’t even put the experience I lived during their presentation into words. Just follow them on twitter, search for videos of them, try to meet them at events in Vienna and…enjoy. Entertainment meets technology meets art meets…me. :) ) More insights on all the speakers here.

The highlights of the evening were the networking sessions that took place during the breaks and after the presentations, where I got to know so many beautiful people, that I can’t wait to here from them (or discover a way of writing them an interesting email).

TEDxVienna 2010 was a success! Thanks for letting me be a part of it :)

[p.s. I'll put some videos up here once I get hold of them]

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