9 lessons learned from Vienna

On the dawn of my 9 month anniversary in Vienna (officially, I’ve been living here since the 1st of October 2010, unofficially see the date in this article) I decided to expose the 9 most wonderful and inspiring things I’ve gathered since moving here:

1. You can learn about the stuff you like no matter what conditions you have. BUT if you DON’T want to learn something because it DOESN’T interest you, even if you’re living the life of a princess, you simply WON’T face it. It will tear up your soul bit by bit with every failed exam, until you reach the point of your life where you say: “ENOUGH, it’s time to do something that I LIKE”. And I can honestly thank Vienna for making me reach that point so quickly and deciding that I just want to write for a living.

2. People will crush you. People will hate you. People will ignore you or laugh at you for doing something differently. But those people will not matter once you’ve met the right ones. The ones who are not afraid to tell you the truth in your face, yet stand by you when you’re at your lowest. And highest :) Thank you.

3. True love might just be a fairy tale. Still, if you’ve found the one who loves you the way YOU ARE, keep him/her. No matter if you live in the same neighborhood or if he/she is thousand miles apart. Thank you.

4. Life is not all about making a fortune, being on the cover of Forbes magazine, having expensive cars and a yacht. But it’s OK if you give your best to try to obtain WHAT IT IS that you really want. In my case, that means seeing the world. Thank you Andra and Elena for receiving me into your homes this year, thank you Renato for showing me the Barcelona offer and thank you, and for all the rest of the magic.

5. It’s great to have people you can look up to.

6. I will one day live in a city at the seaside. I miss waiting for the perfect wave.

7. “When in Vienna, dress as the people do”. Very, very important thing I’ve learned this year. Now I actually feel the NEED to go shopping every now and then, because it’s fun.

8. Explore the wonders of local libraries.

9. Clubbing can do amazing things for your social life, yet do it wisely, moderately and NOT during “Pruefungswoche”!

Please share a lesson you’ve learned this past school/university year in the comments below :)

incotro te indrepti, blondo?

cand ai in fata atatea vise pe care vrei sa le duci la bun sfarsit, cand in urechi iti rasuna muzica tarilor exotice si speri ca, intr-o buna zi, din femeia de afaceri pe care o vei duce in fiecare dimineata la birou se va intrezari aceasta adolescenta nebuna, dar mai matura si mai responsabila iti dai seama ca-ti va fi greu sa te pacalesti pe tine in viitor.

din copilANDRA n-a mai ramas decat numele in ultima vreme, avand in vedere ca mi se cere mereu sa iau viata mai in serios, sa citesc literatura clasica a veacurilor de aur, sa xPRimentez starile banale ale viitoarei corporatiste “de succes”. si sa-mi pastrez ambitia ascunsa intr-un loc pe care-l pot accesa doar eu, in momente de maxima criza inspirationala.

stii tu, draga cititorule, ca daca as stii ca-mi pot castiga painea doar prin a-ti scrie in fiecare zi cate-un articol despre sufletul meu, as face din aceasta pasiune o meserie in sine? mi-e teama ca viata e prea complexa pentru asa ceva. ca va trebui sa invat cum sa-ti vand vise, cum sa te fac sa-ti doresti sa ma cumperi, cum sa maschez orice defect printr-o aparenta calitate ce-mi va face produsul mult mai agreat de catre tine.

…cand as putea sa ma concentrez asupra calitatii adevarate, in detrimentul acestor chichitze definitorii societatii moderne de consum. dar rezolvam si problemele acestea de organizare, iar daca tie-ti va placea sa ma citesti si dupa ce voi fi devenit o blonda mai matura si mai responsabila, promit sa-ti las cel putin cateva materiale pentru posteritate. ca sa le dai copiilor si sa zici:

“nu stiu ce voia blonda asta de la viata, dar pe mine m-a convins sa fac ceva cu a mea!”

[the cat empire-song for elias]

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