livin’ la vida loca

you’re young, living in a small city of a former comunist country, thinking of yourself as the smartest being to ever walk this road to success. you’re cooking up plans to take over the planet and find yourself on a crossroad between acting, singing and becoming a famous marketing superstar who does PR for V.I.P.s and gets to see all that happens behind stage. so you choose to continue your studies, get out and about and try to discover the world one european capital at a time.

you start off with something easy: a city with a population of about 2 million people (a finer, much more quiet version of the capital city in your homeland), two very nice parents looking up for you financially to get you the best conditions possible (within a reasonable amount of money) and three months and a half of “preparation mode”. now you’re ready to take off, get on those dancing boots and start making your way through the market (and earning some money, of course).

and after a couple of experiences, you realise that you love it here. so much, that you would not leave this place called “opportunity” for a million bucks. well, maybe for two million :) you start to get used to these conditions, start enjoying your daily rides on the tram and metro and start inviting people into your life and your soul. but you know that this is only a step in your way to conquering the world.

next up: finding a way of getting your Master’s degree in Paris and working during the summers in New York. if you know a way I could reach out for these 2, please comment below :D you would probably save a life!

TEDxVienna 2010

TEDxVienna is the first conference I attended ever since moving to Vienna (about two months ago). It was a mindblowing experience that made me realize (over and over again) how much people need other people in order to fill up their lives with joy. But I’ll get to that later on.

Let’s start with the description of the event: have you ever heard of TED? This is a website that gathers inspiring speeches from all around the world and puts them online for everyone to see and share. They call it “ideas worth spreading” and it involves your own sense of perception towards the different aspects of life. Well, the big TED organizes its own events (unfortunately in the States) but it also allows independent events (by the name of TEDx events) to be held all around the world. Vlad Gozman, one of the wonderful people who helped TEDxVienna 2010 take place, didn’t have the time to tell me how he got the idea of making this happen, but I’ll be sure to get the story from him and return with details :) .

Now, let’s pass on to the parts of TEDxVienna 2010 that appealed to me the most: the speeches. I constantly tweeted during the presentations (more about that here) and, among other information, I found out that “The only way to get ahead is to become a compliant robot”, but didn’t want to listen to that, so I decided to “unlock deeper values and accept diversity in creativity” (Jessica White-Creativity unlocks). A presentation about the future of the “bionic eye” and the fact that the main cause of blindness is cataract in most underdeveloped countries made me shiver. And thank the lord for living in Europe and solving my sight problems on time (Gregoire Cosendai-Hopes of restoring vision to the blind).

Speaking about Europe, “do you know who is the winner at every Oscar premiere? European fashion” (said Sabine Seymour during her presentation about functional aestetics – the combo between FASHION and TECHNOLOGY). Selma Prodanovic was…amazing. Absolutely amazing. She made us even stand up from our chairs and promise ourselves to change the world and make it a better place!

Sean Bonner and Johannes Grenzfurthner were so funny and great, that I can’t even put the experience I lived during their presentation into words. Just follow them on twitter, search for videos of them, try to meet them at events in Vienna and…enjoy. Entertainment meets technology meets art meets…me. :) ) More insights on all the speakers here.

The highlights of the evening were the networking sessions that took place during the breaks and after the presentations, where I got to know so many beautiful people, that I can’t wait to here from them (or discover a way of writing them an interesting email).

TEDxVienna 2010 was a success! Thanks for letting me be a part of it :)

[p.s. I'll put some videos up here once I get hold of them]

bucharest’n'body language

Ti-am pregatit un articol plin de detalii despre plecarea mea neasteptata duminica la Bucuresti si cursul de limbajul trupului la care am luat parte, pe care il gasesti dand click AICI.

Detaliile picante le-am pastrat pentru blog: am trecut peste una dintre cele mai mari provocari in privinta nesomnului in acest sfarsit de saptamana, am aflat ca e bine sa pleci de acasa cu lectia invatata si sa te astepti mereu la surprize atat din partea oamenilor, cat si din partea locurilor spre care te indrepti. Bucurestiul e un oras pe care am reusit sa-l descifrez (in mod uluitor) si de aceasta data fara vreo harta sau pregatire intensiva in acest sens, insa „ulciorul nu merge de multe ori la apa”. Mai bine previn decat sa atac data viitoare.

Cel mai important este sa ai incredere in tine, in orice situatie esti pus. Chiar si atunci cand ajungi in fata unui zid pe care scrie total altceva fata de ce te asteptai, conteaza sa-ti pastrezi calmul si sa-l escaladezi. Intotdeauna vei aprecia un lucru pentru care a trebuit sa muncesti din greu ;)

blogmeet sibiu sezonul primavara-vara

vrei sa-ti spun drept ce cred eu despre blogmeet-uri?

mi se par niste ocazii atat de bune pentru a intalni oameni faini, incat eu una daca n-as avea blog, mi-as face! spune-mi unde dai tu de un ziarist, un creativ, un gigelist, un om care vorbeste despre nimicuri dar o face cu cap, un CEO mare si un CEO mai mic (nimic de-a face cu inaltimea, ma refer strict la experienta in bransa), o vulpe foarte stresata de BAC, varul tipului care imi citeste constant blogul din Londra (hello mister, uite-te atent la sectiunea “Who is copilANDRA” for details), baiatul cu videoclipurile misto pe blog, un licean foarte pasionat de jurnalism dar foarte talentat la internet stuff (si viitor partener de afaceri al meu, dar el inca nu stie nimic) si desigur, acea copilANDRA cu valente de soon-to-become-business-woman…toti in acelasi loc?

iti vine greu sa crezi ca niste persoane cum nu se poate de diferite ar avea ce sa-si spuna, dar daca nu ar fi existat un “je ne sais quois” care sa-i lege cumva de 6 editii incoace, probabil nu ne-am fi revazut ieri incantati de intalnire. desigur, au existat mici schimbari in peisaj (“unii vine, altii pleaca”-vorba romanului), insa substanta a ramas aceeasi. temele au variat de la editie la editie, ajungand sa ocupe rolul de formalizare a event-ului, dar au fost un condiment pe care l-am gustat cu totii, de la cel mai mare la cel mai mic.

avem planuri marete pe viitor, desi ma amuza faptul ca intr-un fel sau altul sunt toate legate de…bile. (paintBALL, BOWLing, BILiard) si cel mai mult imi place sa cred ca data viitoare cand ne vom vedea voi fi din nou surprinsa sa observ cum fiecare dintre noi evolueaza si se transforma intr-o versiune mai buna a sa.

recunosc ca acesta e un xPRiment pe care l-as face mai des de acum incolo :)

my ultimate on-offline challenge

So what? I’m 17 and I spend almost 4-5 hours online every single day, most of the time doing…practically nothing.

Yes, I do get a lot of information from thousands of sites and I network my brains off, but at the end of the day there is nothing that I can actually rely on receiving. It seems like investing into a business that didn’t give me any real, tangible profit for a bunch of time.

This is why I have decided to take a loop into reality. For 7 consecutive days, I won’t be opening my laptop for any other reasons than to listen to music or write a Word Document for my school projects. That’s right: no messenger, no twitter, no links, no hi5 and facebook, not even my e-mail address, if it’s not demanded by my computer science prof. I am curious to see whether the amount of information I receive will remain the same and whether I can handle living a full-on 24 hours a day existence with absolutely no diversion. In the end, there will be a pro/con list (and more that that) to show you what I have learned from this challenge .

During this virtual break, I’ll try to xPRiment everything else life has to offer. But, in order to make it a more pleasant and enjoyable activity for you, my dear english speaking reader, I’ll try to document my whole IRL (cica asa se scrie mai nou In Real Life) activity. A very special someone (aka colegul meu de banca si posesorul de iPhone Jei Jei) will be posting an article I write on my computer every once in two days and will be keeping you up with all the juicy details of my (not so) little xPRiment.

No, he’s not going to ruin my blog (please do not ruin my blog, ok?) and he’s not going to add any additional comments to the materials I will send him through a little thingie we like to call “memory stick” (to prove that I am not using the World Wide Web for any purpose). Because he can’t be answering your questions and/or comments, I will do that myself when I return, and I promise you I’ll be back fresher and more full of energy than ever.

Acestea fiind zise, sper sa ma sustii virtual si real (telefonul ramane deschis pentru orice persoana e draguta sa sune iar iesitul la cafele e a doua mea natura) si sa-ti placa sa citesti ce trebaluiesc atunci cand nu “stau pe net”. :)

Si uite cum a inceput vara xPRimentelor!

[ne vedem joia viitoare, in 21 mai]

business meets pleasure

me and the guyscrede-ma, daca nu mi-ar fi placut sa aflu informatii fresh despre un domeniu foarte vast si extrem de incitant, nu ti-as fi povestit si tie all about it! azi mi-am dorit sa fac un nou xPRiment, asa ca am tulit-o de la scoala direct la un meeting pentru dezvoltare web, organizat de Ciprian Stavar la Camera de Comert si Industrii.

e vorba de un eveniment premergator sesiunii de comunicari marketing 24/7, editia a III-a, care va avea loc cel mai probabil la inceputul lunii iunie si la care cred ca voi participa si eu. sunt sigura ca oricui e interesat de marketing online i-ar prinde bine niste sfaturi despre cum sa-si analizeze traffic-ul, cum sa-si optimizeze site-ul in asa fel incat sa aduca un numar mai mare de potentiali clienti pe pagina lui si cum sa foloseasca un blog al companiei intr-un mod cat mai util (in acest sens ar mai fi o gramada de exemple de dat despre lucrurile pe care trebuie sa le afli).

desi recunosc ca sunt cam beginner, mi-a placut intreaga discutie pornita de la afirmatia ca “bannerul pe bloguri e mort!” si am reusit sa inteleg putin “cu ce se mananca” treaba. momentan sunt in faza in care sedimentez informatiile si acumulez altele noi, atat din carti, cat si de la oamenii din buis. ma bucur enorm ca am avut ocazia sa particip la acest event, si sa cunosc latura interactiva a viitorului meu job (partea cu networking-ul fiind asigurata de Rares, Cristi, Aurelian si Adi).

sunt momente in care descoperi o intreaga lume noua, de care nu ai fi dat daca nu ar fi fost sa faci un mic xPRiment. tu cand ai patit asa ceva si ce ai avut de invatat?

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