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9 lessons learned from Vienna

On the dawn of my 9 month anniversary in Vienna (officially, I’ve been living here since the 1st of October 2010, unofficially see the date in this article) I decided to expose the 9 most wonderful and inspiring things I’ve gathered since moving here:

1. You can learn about the stuff you like no matter what conditions you have. BUT if you DON’T want to learn something because it DOESN’T interest you, even if you’re living the life of a princess, you simply WON’T face it. It will tear up your soul bit by bit with every failed exam, until you reach the point of your life where you say: “ENOUGH, it’s time to do something that I LIKE”. And I can honestly thank Vienna for making me reach that point so quickly and deciding that I just want to write for a living.

2. People will crush you. People will hate you. People will ignore you or laugh at you for doing something differently. But those people will not matter once you’ve met the right ones. The ones who are not afraid to tell you the truth in your face, yet stand by you when you’re at your lowest. And highest :) Thank you.

3. True love might just be a fairy tale. Still, if you’ve found the one who loves you the way YOU ARE, keep him/her. No matter if you live in the same neighborhood or if he/she is thousand miles apart. Thank you.

4. Life is not all about making a fortune, being on the cover of Forbes magazine, having expensive cars and a yacht. But it’s OK if you give your best to try to obtain WHAT IT IS that you really want. In my case, that means seeing the world. Thank you Andra and Elena for receiving me into your homes this year, thank you Renato for showing me the Barcelona offer and thank you, and for all the rest of the magic.

5. It’s great to have people you can look up to.

6. I will one day live in a city at the seaside. I miss waiting for the perfect wave.

7. “When in Vienna, dress as the people do”. Very, very important thing I’ve learned this year. Now I actually feel the NEED to go shopping every now and then, because it’s fun.

8. Explore the wonders of local libraries.

9. Clubbing can do amazing things for your social life, yet do it wisely, moderately and NOT during “Pruefungswoche”!

Please share a lesson you’ve learned this past school/university year in the comments below :)


No matter what I do, I want to make a change in the world.

No matter where I go, I want to leave a part of me behind and get hold of a new piece of me on the road.

No matter who I turn out to be, I still hope of becoming the best version of myself.

No matter how much I talk about myself, in the end it’s all about you.

Please click on the link below to watch a great short documentary on influencers:

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

to be continued!

All the things I have thought, said and done have brought me here. Right in this point of my life, right up to this moment. The people I’ve chosen to trust, the ones I have chosen to ignore and those who were lucky enough to get my full attention even for one second, they have taught me the most valuable things about myself. About life and what should be done in order to become a happy person. Who I should choose to be for me and for them.

I sit here, listening to some very summery music and thinking about all the stuff I am thankful for. For the worst experiences of my life, for my deepest sorrows, for my biggest mistakes. They have brought me in this wonderful place I call home nowadays. They have drifted me apart from the people I could’ve cared for so much and brought me in the arms of the ones who love me as if I were their family.

Some call it destiny, others call it luck. I call it “paving of the path” and tend to be surprised of the way things turn out to be most of the time.

Now let’s see what the future holds and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the months to come. Gotta get across a very bumpy road, but hey, it was MY choice to learn how to drive. :)


2011, here we are

How come every new year starts with a bunch of questions? Is it because you have the feeling of being more powerful, more able to change stuff you didn’t manage to solve in the previous years? Is it because, in some ways, you feel as if every new year is a new chance to start being different, maybe even turn into a better version of yourself?

2011 welcomed me in the most beautiful way possible: with fireworks and the Viennese waltz, with a lot of new hopes and dreams, as well as the ones that weren’t completely fulfilled until the end of the former decade. A new opportunity arises, turning the “kids” I’ve known for years into real grown ups (having grown up wishes with a twist) and making me realise that I’m not that much of a “kid” myself. Having a job experience that constantly challenges me to learn about the people that work in big companies made me sort out some options I had planned for my future. For instance, I’m trying to focus more on the way a new company can be created and developed from a zero standpoint. But since I want to do it right, first I need to accomplish more in my other fields of interest.

What I would suggest to anyone reading this article (myserf included): prioritise. If you leave out a very important aspect of your life when making (and fulfilling) your new year’s resolution, you might find your image (public persona, so to say) drifting apart from who you actually are or who you want to be. Be careful when making wishes, cause sometimes they might actually come true in a different way than expected.

I chose 2011 to be the year I focus on myself. My passions, my music, my works, my body and…of course, my soul. Plus my driver’s licence, since I’ve been meaning to do that in 2009 and didn’t make it through.

What is your word of the year?

pour it out

Let’s remember the very few people in our lives that really count. And try not to “pour” all our sorrows out on them when we’re angry about the very many things in our lives that really don’t count.

I feel as if at times I’ve neglected important principles of life and based myself only on the fact that I’m facing new challenges. Should this mean that I have to offer my heart around on a silver plate with a cherry on top? Certainly not, considering that there’s a lot I have to deal with especially in these first months around Vienna and I really need to keep my heart intact.

Writing down my thoughts and feelings will help me practice my English and prevent me from forgetting about the dreams that I have. It’s funny how I managed to pour them out in front of somebody I don’t even know, yet a lot of people who think they know me do not understand this part.

So here I am, happy as ever, thinking about the ones that I love and the ones I have yet to fall in love with and I thank you. All of you who design a new part of me every single day, only to turn me into the best version of myself.

day and night

I just reached a turning point in my life: things have looked both precious and sad in the past few weeks, with emotions ranging from pure love to pure depression in the city. It’s because I miss my parents, my family and my friends, it’s also because things are starting to get a little bit stressful around this time of the year (my first exams have knocked on the door and I feel as if I’m facing them NAKED and very scared), so there are a number of reasons why I feel like this.

Thankfully, I’m going to take a break from Vienna next week and visit my friend Andrei in Cluj, after which I’m going to Sibiu for the weekend to see my folks. My 2 months anniversary won’t be nearly as glamourous as the previous one, BUT…I learned a lot of things out of these weeks of meditation, tears, books and cold weather:

First of all, it’s crucial to focus if you’re a student at the WU. My confusion in grasping some information from class and from my own personal studies may affect the grades that I’ll get of these first 2 exams, which is why I decided to pay more attention. To listen as much as I can, write down the most important things that I have elaborated in my head and practice. Practice. Practice.

Secondly, organising your schedule may cause some sort of rut, but it’s a lot more helpful than wasting your days sleeping after noon and watching TV shows *true story!*. Also, there’s a connection between the way you get your things straight and the way you appear to others: if your mind is blown away because of all the things you have to do and don’t know when, your exterior WILL be influenced. In an industry where appearance (not just how beautiful, tall or slim you are, but how you look) is a key factor in networking, establishing new contacts and getting good business done, it matters how balanced you are in your personal life. A lot. So more zen and less TV shows for me.

Finally, a thing I learned after turning paranoid about the fact that I am alone in an appartment in the middle of a big city: always remember to relax. Take some time off to walk around the block, call someone or send a text message, look at the people who are still with you even in rougher times. And thank the lord, day and night, for allowing you to experience all this and much more in such a wonderful place from this planet.

Vienna is the city that will take me to my next adventures, so thanks! :)

se pregateste

nu era pentru prima data cand se nastea, insa era prima data cand nu-si scotea doar capul, ci intregul corp prin bucata sparta a cojii. se trezea tocmai intr-o luni de dimineata cu bagajele asezate in plasute, cu tigaile si oalele pregatite, cu hainele asezate pe sezoane si pe stiluri, intrebandu-se daca viata are vreun sens si daca EA, tocmai ea il va descoperi vreodata.

cu aceste ganduri in minte, din spate primeste un sut in fund ce o directioneaza drept in mijlocul exilului si ii redirectioneaza amintirile catre viitor, in loc sa le mentina in trecut. o asteapta neantul, o garsoniera goala si multe lichide de curatat ferestrele pe care trebuie sa invete sa le foloseasca in timpul cel mai scurt. i se acorda o imprimanta multifunctionala si multe coli de hartie albe, goale pe care este nevoita sa le umple cu informatii utile. i se atribuie un rol in societate pentru a o determina sa-si priveasca destinul ca pe un eveniment important al omenirii si pentru a o indemna sa alerge dupa obiectul cel mai la indemana posibil: banul.

un nou inceput se pregateste. ea se pregateste pentru un nou inceput.

[xPRimentul cel mai provocator din viata mea e pe cale sa inceapa. stay tuned to find out more]

why I do it

Fiindca imi doresc sa fac o schimbare in lumea aceasta. Imi doresc ca oamenii sa gaseasca acele produse ce ii fac fericiti si le ofera satisfactie. Imi doresc sa constientizez persoanele din jurul meu ca pot fi fericite numai daca ele isi doresc acest lucru.

Pentru a-ti oferi o resursa foarte valoroasa din care poti invata cum sa actionezi in raport cu cei din jurul tau, am pregatit acest videoclip-discurs al lui Simon Sinek, o persoana ce ma inspira si a carui carte, Start with why, sper sa o citesc cat mai curand:

FITS 2010: Ghidul copilariei retrocedate

Sa simti cum pielea ti se face ca de gaina si din ochi incep sa-ti curga lacrimile. Sa te uiti catre Marius si sa speri ca nu se uita spre tine, ca sa ai timp sa-ti stergi ochii. Sa plangi in gand stiind ca esti exact in aceeasi ipostaza ca si Andrei Perlmutter, undeva la granita dintre Romania si Vest. Sa-ti fie dor de trecut, dor de prezent si dor de viitor, toate in acelasi timp. ASTA inseamna “Ghidul copilariei retrocedate”, cea mai frumoasa piesa pe care am avut pana in ziua de azi onoarea sa o vizionez.

Festivalul International de Teatru Sibiu, editia 2010 mi-a oferit aceasta sansa, de a observa viata in plina ei desfasurare, de a citi viitorul pe chipul actorilor ce interpretau rolurile pasagere pe care le au oamenii in viata fiecaruia. M-am intors in tineretea lui Andrei, pentru a-l vedea intr-o dubla ipostaza (un EU scindat in doua caractere, Andrei Perlmutter-evreul de 18 ani aflat pe punctul de plecare catre SUA si Andrei Codrescu-poetul american in varsta ce-si revendica anii de liceu) si m-am identificat, in parte, cu fiecare dintre EI.

Povestea il poarta pe Andrei prin probele BAC-ului, testele dragostei si tezele de poezie pe care le sustinea in fata colectivului din care facea parte. Nu stiu daca acest poet si-a ales sa fie poet ca si meserie sau viata l-a purtat in acest sens, dar tare mult mi-ar placea sa aflu.

Eu sunt o tanara de 18 ani ce nutreste un destin asemanator. Desigur, luand in considerare doar aspectele pozitive, acelea a implinirii pe plan profesional in domeniul care-ti produce entuziasm maxim, de a vizita lumea si de a xPRimenta in detaliu: in acest sens, conferinta pe Internet pe care a avut-o Andrei Codrescu dupa terminarea spectacolului m-a adus din nou la plans.

Am plans ca un copil ce nazuieste sa traiasca mereu in universul pe care si l-a creat la 6 ani. Am plans ca o adolescenta ce se desparte de liceu. Am plans pentru ca am inceput sa devin un om mare si-mi doresc sa nu fac niciodata un copil sa planga.

o noua sectiune

Daca privesti atent in pagina, vei observa sus, alaturi de “About”, o noua sectiune numita “Resources”. Aici vei gasi cele mai utile carti de marketing, branding, PR si online pe care le-am citit sau despre care am primit recomandari si de care merita sa faci rost in caz ca incerci sa inveti cat mai multe despre aceste domenii.

Voi face update-uri la aceasta sectiune de cate ori gasesc ceva nou si interesant, insa deoarece nu se poate comenta pe aceasta pagina, te rog sa imi trimiti un comment la orice articol de pe blog in cazul in care ai vreo sugestie pentru aceasta sectiune (sau daca esti mai wordpress savvy decat mine, sa imi explici cum pot adauga aceasta optiune).

Sper ca aceasta sectiune sa fie utila in procesul tau de documentare pentru a gasi domeniul tau preferat sau pentru a afla tips&tricks ca sa iti imbunatatesti afacerea! Ce carte te-a influentat cel mai mult in acest sens pana acum?

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