the not so glamourous part about living on your own

First of all, I would like to point out the fact that I am extremely grateful (to both God and my parents) for the fact that I have the financial and moral support to be living in a rented appartment in Vienna at the wonderful age of 19. It is a chance that I received from life and probably one of the reasons why I got accustomed to this city in the first place, because I know that many people would like to xPRiment, but don’t have the financial means to. What I can say to you (if you are in that position) is that you must fight to get the best out of what you already have and…if you really wish to go abroad for college, think “private scholarships” or “Erasmus programs”. You can do it if you really want!

I noticed while talking to a younger person from my school that I’ve drastically changed my perception of Vienna from the 12th grade to the first year of University, and that is because I currently LIVE here and can actually perceive the way I have to solve some stuff about my studies or about my after-school life.

The first thing that appeared in my new life was an Agenda I got for free from the Raiffeisen Bank (a small “bribe” to make me get a free student deposit at their bank – it is mandatory for foreign students to have a deposit at an austrian bank, by the way) which changed the way I planned my schedule. This agenda got highly addictive, because soon enough I started taking it with me to the supermarket and to the fitness center. I practically note EVERYTHING down in it, from people I have to call to the grocery I have to buy next time I go out.

Which brings us to the not so glamourous part of this article: taking take of the appartment. While it seems easy to dust and vacuum clean a teeny tiny place, once you realise you have to: wash the dishes, do the laundry, wash the mirrors, dust, vacuum clean, dry clean the laundry, go to the gym AND learn for that exam that is approaching, you start to miss home a lot. I’m a lucky girl to have to lose some pounds, so I don’t cook very often, but still…the schedule gets “uberfordernd” (that’s german for “overwhelming”). The agenda will help you set things straight and organize the week according to the chores you have to do.

Then there’s another thing that occures: in Romanian it’s called “LENE” (laziness) and it happens to hit you when you least expect it. Suddenly, you feel the need to watch a movie or some episodes from “Gossip Girl” and there’s no one in the house to stop you. Well, this “LENE” will make you lose a lot of your time and after two days of “How I met your mother” marathon, you will realize that you miss someone constantly bugging you and asking whether you’ve “done your homework”. You have to find a suiting system to get yourself back on track or else you’ll miss out on the important things that are happening in life.

Sure, there’s no one there to stop you from going out every night, partying like a rockstar and getting wasted, but there’s also no one there to give you the right meds when you’re sick or hug you when something goes bad. And you’re going to miss that a lot. (Plus you sometimes have to choose between buying a new pair of jeans or food, which is also kinda bad)

In the end, Vienna still remains amazing. And earning that financial INDEPENDENCE that you’re craving for is worth every sacrifice, if that is what you really want.

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p.s. going abroad is a very nice way of getting to love your parents more and more. you’ll see what I mean once you’re 850 km away from home :D

acest articol nu a fost scris cu placere

ci cu dezgust.

dezgust fata de problemele tarii in care traim. o tara interesata de biletele, de inregistrari facute pe sustache, de fotografii ale “vedetelor” produse de OTV in ipostaze intime, de barfe si de sarada.

o tara in care daca apari la toate posturile de televiziune si nu spui NIMIC, esti considerat o persoana importanta. o tara in care nu conteaza ceea ce esti, ci felul in care arati.

o reclama scumpa pentru un produs prost, pe care nu il poti vinde mai mult decat o data credulilor. pentru ca nimeni nu paseste o a doua data intr-un loc plin de mizerie, in care poate ajunge trecand prin mii de gropi si in care personalul angajat sa se ocupe de el o face intr-un mod scarbos.

nu-i de mirare ca am ajuns sa plecam in alte parti pentru a vedea frumuseti, mare si soare. nu-i de mirare ca suntem sictiriti, ca imbatranim mai repede si ca ne uitam dupa creme de riduri bune in loc sa gasim locuri exotice de vacanta atunci cand ajungem la pensie.

totul porneste din interior. atunci cand incerci sa faci o schimbare in sistem, nu o fa prin promovare, chiar daca este un proces important in crearea unui brand (chiar si de tara). incepe cu lucrurile importante: infrastructura, imbunatatirea personalului (prin instruirea sa corespunzatoare), oferirea unei experiente superioare calitativ clientului. apoi continua cu suprafata, lustruind-o in asa masura incat sa straluceasca in bataia soarelui.

pentru ca o femeie urata machiata frumos ramane o femeie urata. si Romania merita mai mult decat un strat superficial de fard.

foloseste aceasta ocazie pentru a raporta intregul articol la tine, si gandeste-te cum ai putea incepe o mica revolutie. poate prin pasi marunti, dar necesari, procesul de transformare ia loc intr-un ritm mai alert.

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