9 lessons learned from Vienna

On the dawn of my 9 month anniversary in Vienna (officially, I’ve been living here since the 1st of October 2010, unofficially see the date in this article) I decided to expose the 9 most wonderful and inspiring things I’ve gathered since moving here:

1. You can learn about the stuff you like no matter what conditions you have. BUT if you DON’T want to learn something because it DOESN’T interest you, even if you’re living the life of a princess, you simply WON’T face it. It will tear up your soul bit by bit with every failed exam, until you reach the point of your life where you say: “ENOUGH, it’s time to do something that I LIKE”. And I can honestly thank Vienna for making me reach that point so quickly and deciding that I just want to write for a living.

2. People will crush you. People will hate you. People will ignore you or laugh at you for doing something differently. But those people will not matter once you’ve met the right ones. The ones who are not afraid to tell you the truth in your face, yet stand by you when you’re at your lowest. And highest :) Thank you.

3. True love might just be a fairy tale. Still, if you’ve found the one who loves you the way YOU ARE, keep him/her. No matter if you live in the same neighborhood or if he/she is thousand miles apart. Thank you.

4. Life is not all about making a fortune, being on the cover of Forbes magazine, having expensive cars and a yacht. But it’s OK if you give your best to try to obtain WHAT IT IS that you really want. In my case, that means seeing the world. Thank you Andra and Elena for receiving me into your homes this year, thank you Renato for showing me the Barcelona offer and thank you, and for all the rest of the magic.

5. It’s great to have people you can look up to.

6. I will one day live in a city at the seaside. I miss waiting for the perfect wave.

7. “When in Vienna, dress as the people do”. Very, very important thing I’ve learned this year. Now I actually feel the NEED to go shopping every now and then, because it’s fun.

8. Explore the wonders of local libraries.

9. Clubbing can do amazing things for your social life, yet do it wisely, moderately and NOT during “Pruefungswoche”!

Please share a lesson you’ve learned this past school/university year in the comments below :)

love letter to the city

I’ve fallen for you, Vienna. You’ve showed me both your rainy and your sunny days and made me happy to be a part of them.

You’ve explained to me that none of us is the center of the universe. That I’m not invincible and that I can made awfully big mistakes in order to learn out of them. You’ve accompanied me in times of sorrow, times in which I missed my dear ones from Sibiu and whispered: “it’s ok, we’ll make it through this day”.

Maybe you’re not the love of my life, maybe we won’t even end up together, but you are…wonderful, Vienna. You truly amaze me with every single day I spend in the city. And I believe this is what love really means: trust. I trust in your powers to make me discover my path which each moment spent here. Thank you, Vienna, for giving myself back to me.

And thanks for this lovely job I got this summer ;)

pour it out

Let’s remember the very few people in our lives that really count. And try not to “pour” all our sorrows out on them when we’re angry about the very many things in our lives that really don’t count.

I feel as if at times I’ve neglected important principles of life and based myself only on the fact that I’m facing new challenges. Should this mean that I have to offer my heart around on a silver plate with a cherry on top? Certainly not, considering that there’s a lot I have to deal with especially in these first months around Vienna and I really need to keep my heart intact.

Writing down my thoughts and feelings will help me practice my English and prevent me from forgetting about the dreams that I have. It’s funny how I managed to pour them out in front of somebody I don’t even know, yet a lot of people who think they know me do not understand this part.

So here I am, happy as ever, thinking about the ones that I love and the ones I have yet to fall in love with and I thank you. All of you who design a new part of me every single day, only to turn me into the best version of myself.

the not so glamourous part about living on your own

First of all, I would like to point out the fact that I am extremely grateful (to both God and my parents) for the fact that I have the financial and moral support to be living in a rented appartment in Vienna at the wonderful age of 19. It is a chance that I received from life and probably one of the reasons why I got accustomed to this city in the first place, because I know that many people would like to xPRiment, but don’t have the financial means to. What I can say to you (if you are in that position) is that you must fight to get the best out of what you already have and…if you really wish to go abroad for college, think “private scholarships” or “Erasmus programs”. You can do it if you really want!

I noticed while talking to a younger person from my school that I’ve drastically changed my perception of Vienna from the 12th grade to the first year of University, and that is because I currently LIVE here and can actually perceive the way I have to solve some stuff about my studies or about my after-school life.

The first thing that appeared in my new life was an Agenda I got for free from the Raiffeisen Bank (a small “bribe” to make me get a free student deposit at their bank – it is mandatory for foreign students to have a deposit at an austrian bank, by the way) which changed the way I planned my schedule. This agenda got highly addictive, because soon enough I started taking it with me to the supermarket and to the fitness center. I practically note EVERYTHING down in it, from people I have to call to the grocery I have to buy next time I go out.

Which brings us to the not so glamourous part of this article: taking take of the appartment. While it seems easy to dust and vacuum clean a teeny tiny place, once you realise you have to: wash the dishes, do the laundry, wash the mirrors, dust, vacuum clean, dry clean the laundry, go to the gym AND learn for that exam that is approaching, you start to miss home a lot. I’m a lucky girl to have to lose some pounds, so I don’t cook very often, but still…the schedule gets “uberfordernd” (that’s german for “overwhelming”). The agenda will help you set things straight and organize the week according to the chores you have to do.

Then there’s another thing that occures: in Romanian it’s called “LENE” (laziness) and it happens to hit you when you least expect it. Suddenly, you feel the need to watch a movie or some episodes from “Gossip Girl” and there’s no one in the house to stop you. Well, this “LENE” will make you lose a lot of your time and after two days of “How I met your mother” marathon, you will realize that you miss someone constantly bugging you and asking whether you’ve “done your homework”. You have to find a suiting system to get yourself back on track or else you’ll miss out on the important things that are happening in life.

Sure, there’s no one there to stop you from going out every night, partying like a rockstar and getting wasted, but there’s also no one there to give you the right meds when you’re sick or hug you when something goes bad. And you’re going to miss that a lot. (Plus you sometimes have to choose between buying a new pair of jeans or food, which is also kinda bad)

In the end, Vienna still remains amazing. And earning that financial INDEPENDENCE that you’re craving for is worth every sacrifice, if that is what you really want.

[falco - vienna calling]

p.s. going abroad is a very nice way of getting to love your parents more and more. you’ll see what I mean once you’re 850 km away from home :D

mister B

“Everybody knows G is so last season! Now, it’s all about the B’s”[A.M.]

Cand a sorbit pentru prima data din Brandy-ul ce zacea in fata sa, am stiut ca am de-a face cu un adevarat lord, coborat parca din statia de metrou Romana special pentru a da ochii cu mine. M-am asezat aparent nestiutoate pe langa el, incercand sa trec cu vederea peste apropo-urile cu privire la palatul sau, caii putere din dotare sau pasiunea sa pentru viata cosmopolita, traita intensiv in marele Oras, pe care nu contenea sa le faca.

B stie ca viata nu este atat de draguta si simpatica precum pare la prima degustare. Si ca, pentru a urma un drum pe care l-ai trasat in momente de maxima activitate cerebrala, trebuie sa remarci cand e cazul sa sorbi din paharul de ambrozie sufleteasca si cand sa devii impasibil la orice tertip feminin.

Dupa o serie de figuri masculine ce mi-au trecut prin viata, e cazul lui B sa-mi reaminteasca despre fascinatia pe care o poate suscita o fiinta atat de stricta, si totusi atat de dragastoasa. O strangere ferma de mana, un sarut pe obraz si o remarca sarcastica in legatura cu sensul existentei au fost de ajuns pentru a-mi demonstra ca atractia initiala si sinapsele frenetice se pot contopi intr-un melanj pe cat de dulce, pe atat de acrisor.

Fiindca el m-a invatat ca fiecare isi poarta crucea si are propriul sau itinerariu de parcurs.

[jeremiah-I'm a star]

p.s. bine ai revenit prin seria de portrete pe care am inceput-o acum cateva luni.

despre nimic

Cand s-a nascut din nimic, omul a decis sa-si faca nu scop din a determina nimicul. A-l analiza, a-l descompune in parti mai mici, a-l cataliza catre transformarea in “ceva”.

In urma studiilor amanuntite, omul a ajuns la concluzia ca nimicul simbolizeaza un tot unitar, o forma suprema de viata si moarte, un sfarsit inceput inca de la geneza nimicului initial. I-au dat un nume si o serie de atribute, i-au adus ofrande si l-au venerat.

Prin definitie, omagiem forta nimicului creator de teama ca acesta ne-ar putea readuce la starea primordiala. Iubim nimicul in speranta ca, prin el, ne vom desavarsi existenta. Apreciem faptul ca nimicul a progresat, a evoluat intr-un alter ego al sau, depasindu-si conditia originara, reveland o putere care se regaseste in fiecare dintre noi.

Nimicul ne reprezinta. Il pretuim prin valorile pe care le punem la baza personalitatii noastre, il regasim intre principii. Moralitatea e nimic. Etica e nimic. Respectul e nimic. Iubirea e nimic. Fericirea e nimic.

Totul e nimic. Un nimic din care am fost inventati, un nimic inspre care ne indreptam.

[foo fighters-the pretender]

there’s a thing about virgos

virgoNu stiu daca acest lucru apare doar la mine, din cauza ca si eu sunt Fecioara, sau e un sentiment generalizat pentru fiecare om care regaseste printre prietenii sai un numar tot mai crescut de oameni din aceeasi zodie.  In orice caz, in ultima vreme mi s-au plimbat prin viata atatea Fecioare interesante, incat am devenit (tot mai) mandra de obarsia mea astrologica.

Poate ca e vorba de o chestiune de apartenenta. M-am simtit extrem de inteleasa de persoanele din zodia mea, astfel incat am ajuns sa cred ca avem cu toate un mic secret pe care il ascundem de restul lumii. Un “thing”, doar al nostru, pe care il pot intelege cel mai bine oamenii aflati in situatii asemanatoare.

Sa-ti povestesc putin despre Fecioare. Acestea au doua tehnici prin care vor iesi in evidenta in orice context social: fie par nepasatoare fata de tot ceea ce se intampla in jurul lor, jucand cartea indiferentei pentru a-ti provoca interes, fie se arata extrem de implicate in ceea ce vorbesc, dezvaluindu-si astfel pasiunile si ambitiile. E de ajuns sa privesti atitudinea voit ignoranta a unei Fecioare in anumite discutii CU tine, pentru a remarca faptul ca e interesata DE tine. Si acest lucru nu se limiteaza doar la zodia mea. :)

Ce importanta are pentru tine zodia unei persoane cand vine vorba de relatii?

[beyonce-gift from virgo]

p.s. am ceva pentru tine, in caz ca iti place sa studiezi indeaproape astrologia si zodiile.

poezie de septembrie

Am inceput sa-ti pregatesc de ceva timp o colectie de ganduri, pe care (sper), in curand, o vei putea gasi prin magazine sub forma de carticica de dor, sau poate, cine stie, intr-o maniera mai deosebita chiar aici pe blog.

Ca sa intelegi mai lesne despre ce este vorba, iti voi povesti despre o pasiune a mea care nu vine de ieri-alaltaieri. Imi place enorm de mult sa scriu poezii, iar acum cateva saptamani mi-am regasit inspiratia necesara pentru a incropi un volum “de debut”. Un proiect cu inceput si sfarsit, un proiect plin de vise pe care doresc sa ti-l fac cunoscut prin intermediul acestei poezii:

nu clipi!

clipeai si incercam sa-ti tin
privirea intr-un chip strain
si sa pastrez macar putin
din visul care parea lin.

si incercam sa te opresc,
sa nu clipesti cand iti soptesc
ca am ajuns sa te iubesc
atat de mult, incat nutresc

sa-ti fur mereu ocheadele,
sa colind promenadele
avandu-te la bratul meu,
pastrandu-te in gand mereu.

dar ai decis sa tot clipesti
privirea mea sa n-o zaresti
si ai ramas doar doi ochi tristi
prin lume rataciti turisti.

Sper ca acesta sa fie doar inceputul unei lungi aventuri prin lumea literaturii. Si as dori din tot sufletul sa-mi impartasesti impresia pe care ti-a facut-o aceasta prima mostra de poezie.

O poezie pentru o zi de septembrie, luni.

[Horia Brenciu-Septembrie, luni]

mandrie fara prejudecata

atunci cand cineva imi demonstreaza intr-un mod atat de frumos cat de mult imi apreciaza scrisul, sunt cu adevarat mandra ca gandurile mele ajung in fiecare zi in locurile potrivite.

in fond, niciodata sa nu uiti ca daca scriu ceva, o fac pentru ca tie iti place sa ma citesti. si pentru ca-mi doresc sa-ti conturez povestea spunandu-ti-o pe a mea.

am ales sa-ti prezint in final videoclipul acesta, pentru ca face parte din categoria celor care “fac o diferenta”. o diferenta pe care imi doresc sa o pot face si eu intr-o buna zi:

avea ochi albastri

big blue eyessi culmea, habar nu aveam ca-i poseda pana cand nu l-am privit prima data in ei. observand ca de fapt, ceea ce are in suflet nu se potriveste deloc cu ceea ce arata in exterior. intotdeauna am crezut ca-i are caprui, poate verzi. dar niciodata nu mi-am imaginat faptul ca avea ochi albastri.

am vazut insa mereu ca avea sufletul albastru. ii placea sa lucreze pana noaptea tarziu, si era demn de apreciat pentru perseverenta de care dadea dovada atunci cand isi dorea sa duca la capat un lucru. practic, nimeni si nimic nu-l putea abate de la drumul sau prestabilit spre succes. insa, pentru un om cu ochi albastri, era al naibii de rigid si de implantat in success self development books-urile sale. poate de aceea nu am crezut nicicand ca i-ar avea tocmai de aceasta culoare. nu parea a fi purtatorul tipic de ochi de culoarea cerului. desi era un artizan, nu era tipicul de artist indragostit de pierderea inutila a zeitului.

cand m-a privit inapoi si mi-a spus: “avem timp sa povestim si alta data. eu acum am ceva de terminat”, am stiut ca ACESTI ochi albastri vor fi unii pe care cu greu ii pot trece cu privirea. cand vad ca si acum imi stau in gand, dupa atat timp de cand nu i-am mai vazut, ma intreb:

ochi albastri, oare iti vei spune vreodata povestea pana la capat?

[nosfer guestmix, pe care mi l-a dat fainul cu mare drag]

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