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Win a ticket for the Pioneers Festival 2013

pioneers-festival-win-ticketDear xPRimenters,

Just like I promised on Facebook last Friday, this Monday is definitely one worth loving. I’m very delighted to offer you the chance of winning 2 X 1 tickets to the Pioneers Festival on the 30th-31th of October in Vienna. Not only does this event bring together national and international founders, startups and tech enthusiasts, but it is also a great opportunity to network until you drop in one of the most beautiful locations in Vienna: Hofburg. Check out how great the Festival was in 2012.

Among many cool speakers, you will get to meet: Chris Barton (Co-Founder Shazam), Vishal Sharma (VP Google), Adam Cheyer (Founder Siri, Apple), Phil Libin (Ceo Evernote) and Charles Adler (Co-Founder Kickstarter). For more details about the event, click here.

So how can you win? Simply by liking or sharing this article on Facebook/Twitter and leaving a comment below telling me:

1. Why should you be the winner of this ticket?

2. Should I create a Facebook Page for xPRiment.com or just post the updates on my personal Facebook, Twitter, G+ profile? (honest opinion please)

The contest is open until the 24th of October at 11.59 pm and I will announce the winners the next day. If you just can’t wait until then, use the code xperiment20 to get a 20% discount from the normal ticket price (I don’t earn anything through this code, it’s just being used so my readers can get a better price). Good luck! :)

On being a Pioneer in Vienna

“You can start a business anywhere you want in the world, as long as you’re driven”. This is what a speaker mentioned on day one of the Pioneers Festival, held this year between the 29th-31th of October at the Hofburg in Vienna. What do you think about this statement?

To summarize what I am about to say in the following article, you need to go to the Pioneers Festival in 2013 if you:

-are looking for change in your life and career

-strive to make some international connections on the spot

-want to see speakers debating current issues from an insider perspective.

It’s intriguing to see just how much events such as this and TEDxVienna (which I will be attending later on today) have changed the spirit of the city. Not long ago, things moved a little bit slower. People seemed to be looking at the future doubtfully, with a self-restraint towards ambitious ideas like: Chile? Lisbon for incubation? The Far East? Why not? Everything is worth a try, no matter how distant it might look and how expensive the ticket towards it may be. Or maybe it’s just me.

Pioneers is yet another great opportunity to make international connections and discover some projects that are worth communicating about – > check out the catch box. And the speakers….oh, the speakers! The themes debated by them were exactly ones that grab you from your seat and bring you to the point where you HAVE to make a change about the way you perceive business. I mostly attended the Startup Academy classes and got exactly what I was hoping for: authentic insights.

Thank you Pioneers for giving me the possibilty to experience this event on a full scale “Blogger/Press Pass” and therefore offering me the opportunity to get to organize our first ever “spontaneous #wienblogger meet up“, which on day two was a complete success! Also thank you to the people who participated at it and I’m looking forward to seeing you in December, this time at a surprise Christmas edition of our blogmeet.

Gewinnspiel: Conference Ticket zum Werbeplanung.at Summit 2012

(this article and the next 2-3 that follow it will be in German, since they all focus on a great event being held in Vienna on the 12th-13th of July 2012 – if you need any information in English, just contact me)

Kurz und knackig: Hast du schon vom Werbeplanung.at Summit gehört? Wenn nicht, findest du hier sämtliche Infos zum zweitägigen Event sowie die Speaker und die Themen, die besprochen werden.

Wenn du dich für die Themen interessierst und wenn du gerne ein Conference Ticket für dieses Event gewinnen möchtest, schreibe mir in einem Kommentar die Top 3 Speaker, die du gerne am 12.-13. Juli sehen möchtest und warum.

Das Conference Ticket enthält Eintritte zu allen Konferenzen, die am 12. und 13, stattfinden, also wird es eine Menge Spaß geben + eine Einladung zur After Party im Volksgarten!

Das Gewinnspiel endet am 7. Juli um 23.59 Uhr, der Gewinner/die Gewinnerin wird am 8. Juli zu Mittag bekannt gemacht. Viel Erfolg und hoffentlich sehen wir uns nächste Woche beim Summit! ;)

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