The Big Thank You

The big Thank YouAs you might have seen on my Facebook profile, Instagram account or in this little place I like to call home of thoughts, I really love to travel. It’s what gets me going through the days, it’s what sets my soul on fire every time I want to live out loud and experience/experiment with myself and the world. You see, traveling is something I always wanted to do but never ever thought I’d be doing this often at this age. Even my dear family and boyfriend keep telling me that it might be too much too soon, but thankfully, they all accept my habit of walking into the room telling them about the next great deal across the planet and usually convincing them to take the journey with me.

While remembering my first endeavors through Europe back when I came to Vienna, I cannot help but notice how the budget kept getting smaller, yet the trips kept getting better. As I returned from Amsterdam in the morning, I realized with what ease I stepped into Schiphol after four years of not seeing it – four years after I took my first ever trip across the ocean, to Canada, to see my dear godparents and their lovely children, Denisa and Radu. So much has changed since then! My luggage got lighter, my trips got shorter and multiplied by a dozen, my research got more intense, yet usually done on the night before departing to a new location. But nothing could have been like this if it weren’t for the lovely people who took me into their homes and showed me the cities the way they’re meant to be seen.

If it hadn’t been for Denisa, I wouldn’t have seen Vancouver and fallen in love with the idea of going to the States. Andra took me through whole Switzerland, showing me everything there was to be seen and setting new standards of how to travel the world. Elena hosted me twice in Berlin, each time making me feel at home in a place so far away from home. Anda showed me what it’s like to live in a campus near Paris and thankfully, Ruxi took over and proved that nothing compares to the wonders of the City of Lights. Especially after dark! :) If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have seen Paris three times in seven months. Never in my dreams could I have imagined achieving that. I still can’t realize HOW I did it, but it was so worth it! With Cristi I saw a bright and sunny Stockholm. Corinna showed me the best side of Graz and invited me to meet her family, which was so amazing!

Iulia took us through Beijing and negotiated with everybody in Chinese, before settling for Romanian – a language with better results in terms of pricing in Chinese malls. Carina and Christina made our Amsterdam dream come true! Charlie and Nancy are the coolest Californians we’ve met so far and we can’t wait for them to arrive in Europe next year. Anne hosted us all in her wonderful American Dream home in Michigan and made us want to have more from life than just hope. And then, along came London…Ale helped me fall in love with the city. And then she really helped me fall in love with the city by taking me to the Aqua Shard for cocktails. I’ll never forget that night. It was the night I knew something was about to change.

But more to that later :) see you after the exams embarking on a new trip that will take us to hot, hot parts of the world!

9 lessons learned from Vienna

On the dawn of my 9 month anniversary in Vienna (officially, I’ve been living here since the 1st of October 2010, unofficially see the date in this article) I decided to expose the 9 most wonderful and inspiring things I’ve gathered since moving here:

1. You can learn about the stuff you like no matter what conditions you have. BUT if you DON’T want to learn something because it DOESN’T interest you, even if you’re living the life of a princess, you simply WON’T face it. It will tear up your soul bit by bit with every failed exam, until you reach the point of your life where you say: “ENOUGH, it’s time to do something that I LIKE”. And I can honestly thank Vienna for making me reach that point so quickly and deciding that I just want to write for a living.

2. People will crush you. People will hate you. People will ignore you or laugh at you for doing something differently. But those people will not matter once you’ve met the right ones. The ones who are not afraid to tell you the truth in your face, yet stand by you when you’re at your lowest. And highest :) Thank you.

3. True love might just be a fairy tale. Still, if you’ve found the one who loves you the way YOU ARE, keep him/her. No matter if you live in the same neighborhood or if he/she is thousand miles apart. Thank you.

4. Life is not all about making a fortune, being on the cover of Forbes magazine, having expensive cars and a yacht. But it’s OK if you give your best to try to obtain WHAT IT IS that you really want. In my case, that means seeing the world. Thank you Andra and Elena for receiving me into your homes this year, thank you Renato for showing me the Barcelona offer and thank you, and for all the rest of the magic.

5. It’s great to have people you can look up to.

6. I will one day live in a city at the seaside. I miss waiting for the perfect wave.

7. “When in Vienna, dress as the people do”. Very, very important thing I’ve learned this year. Now I actually feel the NEED to go shopping every now and then, because it’s fun.

8. Explore the wonders of local libraries.

9. Clubbing can do amazing things for your social life, yet do it wisely, moderately and NOT during “Pruefungswoche”!

Please share a lesson you’ve learned this past school/university year in the comments below :)

pour it out

Let’s remember the very few people in our lives that really count. And try not to “pour” all our sorrows out on them when we’re angry about the very many things in our lives that really don’t count.

I feel as if at times I’ve neglected important principles of life and based myself only on the fact that I’m facing new challenges. Should this mean that I have to offer my heart around on a silver plate with a cherry on top? Certainly not, considering that there’s a lot I have to deal with especially in these first months around Vienna and I really need to keep my heart intact.

Writing down my thoughts and feelings will help me practice my English and prevent me from forgetting about the dreams that I have. It’s funny how I managed to pour them out in front of somebody I don’t even know, yet a lot of people who think they know me do not understand this part.

So here I am, happy as ever, thinking about the ones that I love and the ones I have yet to fall in love with and I thank you. All of you who design a new part of me every single day, only to turn me into the best version of myself.

the short long road back home

take me down to the parasite city

where the grass is grey and the boy’s a pity [A.M.]

Missing your parents and friends might turn out to be tthe roadhe best thing that can happen to you at times. You start to realize that you’re on your own and that things are going to remain that way for a while…and damn, you start enjoying this new status!

Suddenly, there are job offers and free entrances to events awaiting :) You’re ready for a new “Halbsemester” of joy and a lot of time spent at the library analysing how to accomplish your dreams but you’re also ready for a holiday week of pure pleasure and nice people from your hometown.

The road back home leads straight through your heart, taking you to places you’re never dreamed of going to. But it’s good to know that there’s a strenght inside yourself ready to take you to the moon and back. Even after failure, even after a lack of fresh air and fresh people.

All that matters is to go all the way. And walk that extra mile to…wherever you plan on going!

norocul ti-l faci singur…sau nu

Un sfarsit de saptamana cum nu se poate mai emotionant…nu mi-as fi putut imagina ca voi reusi sa xPRimentez atatea senzatii in doar 3 zile.

Totul a inceput joi seara, cand am fost anuntata pe twitter de castigarea unor bilete la concertul Vondei Shepard de vineri seara din Sibiu (yeeeeeey!). De atunci, surprizele s-au tinut lant! Concertul a fost mai mult decat ma asteptam: voie buna, o artista desavarsita care a stiut cum sa tina publicul in picioare cu ritmurile ei, muzica blanda, dar vibranta; ce m-a impresionat cel mai tare a fost sa vad atatia oameni veseli in acelasi loc. O oportunitate pentru a-i face persoanei iubite un cadou de Valentine’s, dar si o ocazie de a te simti bine in locuri mai putin conventionale (tinand cont de faptul ca “ne simtim bine” tot mai des prin cluburi si cafenele). Sunt inca invaluita de magia salii de concert luminata de prezenta Vondei.

Ziua de sambata a fost dedicata (aproape) in totalitate fotografiei, fiind o ocazie de a-mi depasi limitele in ceea ce priveste creativitatea+nesomnul. Chiar daca am ramas “inzapezita” in anumite momente, am reusit sa dezvolt 10 teme in cadrul Fotomaratonului Sibiu in imagini pe care sper sa le regasesc si la expozitia din 13 martie de la Centrul Cultural Habitus (in fond, a fost vorba de un concurs, e normal sa-mi doresc sa castig!).

E duminica seara si-n curand incepe o noua saptamana, cu noi provocari, cu un inceput de BAC de care sper sa scap cu bine. O noua sansa de a ma apropia de viitor si de a-mi incerca din nou norocul.

Pentru ca uneori ai noroc doar prin simplul fapt ca ai exact prietenii care te ajuta atunci cand ai mai mare nevoie de ei. Multumesc!

[vonda shepard-searching my soul]

there’s a thing about virgos

virgoNu stiu daca acest lucru apare doar la mine, din cauza ca si eu sunt Fecioara, sau e un sentiment generalizat pentru fiecare om care regaseste printre prietenii sai un numar tot mai crescut de oameni din aceeasi zodie.  In orice caz, in ultima vreme mi s-au plimbat prin viata atatea Fecioare interesante, incat am devenit (tot mai) mandra de obarsia mea astrologica.

Poate ca e vorba de o chestiune de apartenenta. M-am simtit extrem de inteleasa de persoanele din zodia mea, astfel incat am ajuns sa cred ca avem cu toate un mic secret pe care il ascundem de restul lumii. Un “thing”, doar al nostru, pe care il pot intelege cel mai bine oamenii aflati in situatii asemanatoare.

Sa-ti povestesc putin despre Fecioare. Acestea au doua tehnici prin care vor iesi in evidenta in orice context social: fie par nepasatoare fata de tot ceea ce se intampla in jurul lor, jucand cartea indiferentei pentru a-ti provoca interes, fie se arata extrem de implicate in ceea ce vorbesc, dezvaluindu-si astfel pasiunile si ambitiile. E de ajuns sa privesti atitudinea voit ignoranta a unei Fecioare in anumite discutii CU tine, pentru a remarca faptul ca e interesata DE tine. Si acest lucru nu se limiteaza doar la zodia mea. :)

Ce importanta are pentru tine zodia unei persoane cand vine vorba de relatii?

[beyonce-gift from virgo]

p.s. am ceva pentru tine, in caz ca iti place sa studiezi indeaproape astrologia si zodiile.

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