Having the talk

Sat down and talked to my future self today. We had a wonderful conversation about life, work, homes and travels. I asked her how she feels about my current budget trips around the world, she said that they will reach a new level in the following years. I asked her “How come?”, she answered “You’ll see, your whole universe will expand and you’ll do things you never thought of doing…behold:

You’re in a point where nothing seems right and everything seems somewhat too far away from you. Don’t worry, it’s all closer than you think. It will all have happened by March. I’m not telling you which year though, I’m just saying that it will happen until the end of March.

It’s such a long road ahead that you sometimes only see the curves you’re about to approach and not the destination you are heading towards. Don’t be afraid of curves, they’re life’s way of telling you to slow down, relax and enjoy the ride. If not, your breaks might stop working and you’ll hit the ground.

And when you do hit the ground, get up. See what injuries you have, what can heal and what will leave a scar. Let the scars be reminders of how you should act the next time you’re encountering those situations, don’t let them become obstacles on your way. Wear them with grace, learn them by heart.

Now go on and put your winter gear on, because it’s almost November and you have a lot of things you should be doing!”

Pioneers Winners and the new Facebook Page

Well, I’ve been waiting a lot for this Friday to come! First of all, thanks to everybody who participated at the Pioneers Festival contest, it was great to hear your honest opinions on the topic “To have or not to have a Facebook Page”.

Since there were 9 yays and no nays, I decided to finally (after probably 2 years of asking myself this question and hearing people tell me to just do it) launch a Facebook Page for xPRiment. If you like it, you’ll get candy ;) and probably be the first one to know where I’m travelling, what I’m thinking about, what I’m organizing AND what cute prizes you can win by just leaving a comment below.

Speaking about contests: want to see the winners for two Pioneers tickets? Here they are:


Congratulations Steffi!

And the next prize goes to…


Fabian! I’ll be sure to contact you both via email and give out the prizes, see you next Wednesday-Thursday at the Festival ;)

Kampagnen organisieren – kurz und knackig

Kampagnen organisierenDieses Reactionpaper wurde im Rahmen meiner PR-Übung an der Universität Wien, Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften, Institut für Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft, geschrieben und enthält meine persönliche Meinung zu unterschiedlichen Themen und Artikeln. Ich werde jede zweite Woche dazu einen Text verfassen und ihn hier auf dem Blog veröffentlichen. Daher: enjoy!

Wenn es darum geht, eine Kampagne oder Aktion zu organisieren, werden die gleiche Regeln für unterschiedlichste Bereiche ersichtlich: Dramatisierung, Inszenierungen, Online Tätigkeiten, die diese Ideen unterstützen und die Aufmerksamkeit der Stakeholder erzeugen. Ob man dabei einen Gewerkschaftsbund oder ein wirtschaftlich bedingtes Unternehmen vertritt, bleibt jedem PR Manager überlassen. In den meisten Fällen gibt es keine “wahre Wirklichkeit”, sondern nur Teile der Geschichten (Stories, Storytelling), die von den unterschiedlichen Parteien erzählt werden. Daher hat jeder seine eigene Beweggründe, um sich bei einer Kampagne aktiv zu beteiligen oder sich von dem Standpunkt eines Kommunikationsspezialisten zu widmen.

Es wird in den meisten Fällen versucht, die Perspektive des Stakeholders oder des Interessenten, auf dem die Kampagne gerichtet ist, zu beeinflussen. Daher soll betrachtet werden, wie die Elemente einer Aktion (besonders die Online Elemente – von Petitionen und E-Mail Newsletter bis zum Auftritt auf sozialen Netzwerken) gestaltet sind, um ausführlich, kurz und knackig die Informationen zu erklären und auf die Emotionen der Empfänger einzugehen. Im besten Fall nehmen diese dadurch aktiv an der Kampagne teil und verbreiten selbst die Botschaft weiter. Man bemerkt also auch in den neuesten Formen der Kommunikation mit Stakeholdern Muster der Prinzipien von Glaubensboten.

Obwohl die Online Beteiligung oft kritisiert wird und als nicht relevant für den Erfolg einer Kampagne bezeichnet wird, glaube ich, dass das Fehlen von Online Elementen in der Kommunikation, die etwas bewegen oder bewirken soll, einen prägnanten Nachteil bringt. Klar sollte diese Tätigkeit Sinn machen und nicht nur eine Plattform darstellen, auf der die Organisation Pressetexte in Online Version veröffentlicht. Am besten werden dabei die Regeln betrachtet, die davor erwähnt wurden und diese tatsächlich umgesetzt.

Anbei könnt ihr auch die Artikel (1, 2) lesen, zu denen ich meine Meinung geäußert habe. Außerdem findet ihr das Buch meines PR-Übung Leiters, Yussi Pick, auf Amazon. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Win a ticket for the Pioneers Festival 2013

pioneers-festival-win-ticketDear xPRimenters,

Just like I promised on Facebook last Friday, this Monday is definitely one worth loving. I’m very delighted to offer you the chance of winning 2 X 1 tickets to the Pioneers Festival on the 30th-31th of October in Vienna. Not only does this event bring together national and international founders, startups and tech enthusiasts, but it is also a great opportunity to network until you drop in one of the most beautiful locations in Vienna: Hofburg. Check out how great the Festival was in 2012.

Among many cool speakers, you will get to meet: Chris Barton (Co-Founder Shazam), Vishal Sharma (VP Google), Adam Cheyer (Founder Siri, Apple), Phil Libin (Ceo Evernote) and Charles Adler (Co-Founder Kickstarter). For more details about the event, click here.

So how can you win? Simply by liking or sharing this article on Facebook/Twitter and leaving a comment below telling me:

1. Why should you be the winner of this ticket?

2. Should I create a Facebook Page for xPRiment.com or just post the updates on my personal Facebook, Twitter, G+ profile? (honest opinion please)

The contest is open until the 24th of October at 11.59 pm and I will announce the winners the next day. If you just can’t wait until then, use the code xperiment20 to get a 20% discount from the normal ticket price (I don’t earn anything through this code, it’s just being used so my readers can get a better price). Good luck! :)

Wake me up when September ends

It’s been a long, long journey through the depths of the world this summer. I’ve seen things that can’t be described in words and I felt emotions that would not make any sense on paper. Yet, for some bizarre reason, I keep returning here, trying to get my things straight and move forward.

Seeing the days go by so thoughtlessly and being caught up on all sorts of webs that kept me from having the world wide one right at the tip of my fingers, I somehow did not get to write what I had in mind when I was in the US. Then, Mallorca and Ibiza drifted away my new found convictions and brought back a part of myself that I had lost for years.

Somewhere between the lines, I turned 22. A beautiful age of innocence and self discovery that will bring some pretty nice memories to the package. For a moment, there was no “I” in the whole sentence anymore. There was just the sun, the waves and the bright blue sky.

Some might say that after you’ve stopped writing for a while, you can never go back to the way you were. But who cares about the way you were if right now is all you have and right here is the best place you can be?

See you in October with a small, but hearty surprise.

A Hollywood Story

There comes a time when you just need to let it all go. Let go of the images you once saw in the movies, of all the preconceptions and the glamour of the game, of the words that others speak and think, of the misinterpretations that led you up this hill in the first place. Sometimes you just need to step slowly towards the sign and admire the view from up above, not caring about how hard you got there in the first place and how many hours, nights, weeks, months and years you lost in the process. Because what you don’t lose, you gain for yourself, for the future and for this metaphorical blog post.

The picture of a house in 90210 and a fancy expensive car that takes you to the most well-known places on Rodeo Drive reminds you of a dream you once had for your future, that isn’t accurate anymore. There’s a lot less drama and a lot more strategic thinking nowadays, leading you towards the lady you strive on becoming one day. No matter what postal code you’ll have or which brands you will be wearing.

Take it as a gift and always look after this article before your birthday. You will always have yourself, no matter what dreams you’ll be dreaming or who you’ll be dating. No matter if you’re marriage material or someone who will make it big on his own, with or without offspring, a house and a Labrador Retriever. Remember that this is your passion, that you always turn to writing your thoughts down, whether they are in English, German, Romanian or some new language you’ll learn in the process. And last but not least, remember that there will always be at least one person reading this, thinking about you and hugging you in their mind, while these simple words slowly and tenderly change their life.

Every single step is worth it. So keep writing.

What happens if you don’t post regularly on your blog


As you might have seen, it’s been a really long while since my last post. I’ve never ever stayed more than one month away from this little place I like to call second home of my thoughts…and to be honest, it kind of turned into an xPRiment on its own to see just how much I could refuse to post anything online. It’s easy NOT to do something, but check out what consequences it can have on yourself and the people around you:

-an immediate result is that you start to get comfortable with not writing anything aside from your “chores” (University in my case, job posts in some other cases)

-you turn to social media a little less than before and tell yourself that “you’re better than this”, go online and start watching an insane amount of YouTube videos – true story :(

-then, you see how this situation slowly shifts towards offline activities that involved blogging and social media – less conferences, less events, less of the “getting to know new people and talking to them” energy you usually had and therefore less opportunities to find something (job, new ventures, new clients for your company) you were looking for

-even if you say you have NO readers at all and that nobody cares if you’re giving up on blogging, you start to hear stuff like “what happened, why are you not posting anymore?”, “do you still have a blog, does this blog still work?”, “you don’t write anymore, you gave up on your passion” (that hurt a lot) – even from people who you really didn’t expect to be reading your blog. This situation is even more inconvenient if you show off your blog in your CV (like I do) and a potential future employer checks out your online activity, sees that you haven’t been active in a long while and goes away. From your blog and from you as an employee.

All in all, nobody truly knows what you’re going through until you tell them. So to be very honest, I’ve been having quite a lot of disappointments lately and didn’t know for sure how to write about them. It occurred to me on several occasions that it was in the middle of the night and I wanted to Write Out Loud what I was feeling, but then just stopped – and chewed on my problems until they faded away.

But now I’m a little better than I was 5 months ago. I had the talks, I finished the 71 ECTS semester and I had the guts to tell you guys all about it (even if you’re my future employer and reading this, you had to know me just a little better before hiring me). We all go through these phases and we all have to lose some to win some. I just don’t want to lose the blog :) it’s a place that has helped me reach so many beautiful things in life and has brought me to so many good people. That’s why I’m asking you to give it (and me) another chance and check out what you get out of it in the next months. I’ll start being a conscious person and blog about my trips abroad, that’s a promise. And, even if they’re just bits of the experiences I’m living, I’ll start blogging about the events I’m attending, no matter what they’re about or where they are happening. That’s something that I owe to you and to myself.

Thanks for staying on board for this entire article and see you soon on this amazing journey called xPRiment! ;)

From winter to summer

Long time, no blog posts! A lot of things have been going on in the past weeks (to keep it short, 6 exams in 7 days and 3 papers – consisting of around 80-90 pages – that are due mid July and need research + implementation done). The pressure of keeping up with a big amount of seminars and courses (one year in one semester), all combined with work, has driven me to writing little to no content outside of “what I have to solve right now”.

I thought about posting some of my university related papers online, because they’ve turned out to be really cool, but for that I would really need to hear some feedback from you. Would you like to read researches about digital storytelling in Austrian politics, online reputation management and certain opinions on lobbying? Please leave a comment below ;)

Furthermore, the blogger event I planed out for May (a #wienblogger workshop, to be precise) has been postponed to a point in which I can focus more on finding the right sponsors and helpful people to organize something special. The events in 2012 have been amazing opportunities to get to know cool people, and I wouldn’t like these opportunities to get away.

All in all, it’s a rough time. These are probably the most stressful months of my Bachelor studies and they have to be dealt with if I want to move on in the same pace as I did these past 2 years and a half. But once I’m done with them, there WILL be a hot, hot summer.

I wish you a lot of focus and all the best with the things you are planning to achieve! See you soon on my blog.

Blog n’buzz Workshop Gewinnspiel

Gewinnspiel Blog n BuzzEs ist sehr wahrscheinlich, dass du zumindest einmal auf Facebook über Blog n’buzz, die neue Workshop-Serie von ambuzzador für Blogger mit Bloggern, gelesen hast. Wenn nicht, dann kannst du jederzeit auf Fabian’s Artikel über dem Launch-Event zugreifen. Kurz gefasst sind diese Workshops meiner Meinung nach eine tolle Möglichkeit, neues Wissen rund ums Thema Blogging zu erwerben und sehr nette Menschen mit einer Leidenschaft fürs Texten, Filmen, Fashion und Fotografie kennenzulernen.

Das ambuzzador Team hat xPRiment.com für den nächsten Workshop zum Thema Content Creation Text (findet am Samstag, 06.04.2013 statt) 2 X 1 Ticket zur Verfügung gestellt, die unter alle teilnehmenden Blogger und Bloggerinteressierte verlost werden. Um beim Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen, schreibe in einem Kommentar darunter warum du am Content Creation Text Workshop teilnehmen möchtest. Füge auch wenn vorhanden den Link zu deinem Blog hinzu. Das Gewinnspiel endet am 26.03 um 23.59 Uhr und die Gewinner werden am nächsten Tag bekannt gegeben.

Later edit (27.03 – 8.43 am):

Die Gewinner wurden mit random.org ausgewählt. Diese sind:

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.35.00 AM

weidhas – Next up:

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.36.09 AM

Stephi Schuster!

Ihr werdet in Kürze vom ambuzzador Team per Mail kontaktiert und erhaltet weitere Infos. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an beide Gewinner und viel Spaß nächsten Samstag!

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