What do I need to do to become a better blogger?

what do I need to do to become a better bloggerAfter reading so many articles on how to earn your living as a travel blogger, I’ve tried to put things into a new perspective. Because frankly, for the moment, I don’t even know if I want to earn my living as a travel blogger, but I definitely know I want you to have the best experience when reading my blog. This is why I ask you, if you’re reading this right now, to leave me a short comment and tell me which of the things mentioned below you’d like to see more/less of.


1. Write more frequently and more diversified. I know that I probably blew you off several times telling you I’ll be writing about my travels (as they happen) more, but I just couldn’t find the discipline to take an hour off my regular schedule every day to write and post pictures while traveling. What I can promise you, is that I will start to write about previous travel experiences (as I remember them) starting mid July. Would you like to hear my personal travel stories or rather how I booked the trips, what websites I used, what hotels/airbnbs I stayed at, top 5-10 hot spots to check out etc.?


2. Focus on just one language and divide German from English or Romanian posts from the past through my blog design. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time now but haven’t managed to, because I have no idea how to implement it into the blog theme I currently use. Of course, the language that will be used is English, because if you’re reading this, you’re probably from a different part of the world than me (or are you? where are you from? tell me!).


3. Write an updated version of my About page and find out a way to make my Impressum page visible. I actually have an Impressum page written on WordPress under Pages, just haven’t found a way to have it visible and next to About due to the current blog design. I think having an About focused on what I love to do most (somehow a portfolio of my writing ventures) could actually help me find sponsors both for Wienblogger and for xPRiment.


4. Post better pictures. Ok, this is a big problem of mine. Although I own a Nikon D40 DSLR cam AND have made professional photography courses when I was 17, I haven’t used that camera in over a year (I use a Samsung Galaxy Camera with an amazing zoom function and my iPhone 5s instead). I’m never sure why the photos I post are blurry and…well, not that pretty compared to the ones you see on some gorgeous Austrian fashion blogs. And I always blame it on me – maybe there’s no talent at all or maybe there’s a need for better gear?


5. Last but definitely not least, embed some Social Media Plugins to push my Facebook Page (click! like! share! comment!) forward and start using Google Analytics again. If I would have focused more on getting this part covered a couple of years ago, maybe the amount of questions written above would have been smaller. Maybe it would have been easier to get sponsors for Wienblogger, maybe my life would have been different. But honestly, it’s never too late to start doing things right.


To go back to the travel bloggers I’ve been telling you about in the first sentence, here are some great resources you should check out:

How Sabina from Just One Way Ticket can afford to travel

Travel Bloggers share their secrets on The Wandering Orange

How to earn money when traveling via Pink Compass (German article)

How Mirela from coral and mauve plans her blog posts (German article)

#wienblogger in den Sommer Gewinnspiel Verlosung

Gewinner Wienblogger in den SommerHerzlichen Dank an alle, die beim Gewinnspiel teilgenommen haben und mir dabei so ein tolles Feedback für die nächsten Wienblogger Events geschickt haben! Ich habe in den letzten Tagen alle eure Mails gelesen und werde nächste Woche nach der letzten Prüfung meines Studiums (hurra!) dazukommen, ein MailChimp Konto zu erstellen. Bezüglich Mailing Liste könnt ihr sehr gerne auch eure Bloggerfreunde fragen, ob sie einmal im Monat eine Mail von Wienblogger mit Ankündigungen zu Events und Bloggeraktivitäten erhalten möchten. Meine Adresse kennt ihr schon, leitet die Leute einfach weiter :) .

Die Wienblogger treffen sich im Herbst wieder. Macht euch für einen Donnerstag Mitte September nichts vor, ich versuche bis dann einen tollen Sponsor für unser Event zu finden und schlage euch per Mailing Liste mehrere Varianten vor, wie wir uns treffen können. Drückt mir in diesem Sinn die Daumen oder schreibt mir eure Vorschläge per Mail, in einem Kommentar oder auf Facebook/Twitter auf.

So, und jetzt zum schönsten Teil dieses Artikels:

Teilnehmerliste Wienblogger in den Sommer

Es werden die Preise in folgender Reihenfolge ausgewählt:

Der zweite Preis in Wert von 35 Euro (Gutschein ins Lokal Pergola) wurde von…

Gewinner zweiter Preis Wienblogger

Adnan gewonnen!

Und wer darf jetzt mit fünf Freunden im Hotel Zeitgeist feiern? Der erste Preis geht an…

Erster Preis Wienblogger in den Sommer


Die Gewinner werden in den nächsten Tagen von Marco per Mail kontaktiert und erhalten alle Infos zur Übergabe. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und viel Spaß mit den Preisen!

The Big Thank You

The big Thank YouAs you might have seen on my Facebook profile, Instagram account or in this little place I like to call home of thoughts, I really love to travel. It’s what gets me going through the days, it’s what sets my soul on fire every time I want to live out loud and experience/experiment with myself and the world. You see, traveling is something I always wanted to do but never ever thought I’d be doing this often at this age. Even my dear family and boyfriend keep telling me that it might be too much too soon, but thankfully, they all accept my habit of walking into the room telling them about the next great deal across the planet and usually convincing them to take the journey with me.

While remembering my first endeavors through Europe back when I came to Vienna, I cannot help but notice how the budget kept getting smaller, yet the trips kept getting better. As I returned from Amsterdam in the morning, I realized with what ease I stepped into Schiphol after four years of not seeing it – four years after I took my first ever trip across the ocean, to Canada, to see my dear godparents and their lovely children, Denisa and Radu. So much has changed since then! My luggage got lighter, my trips got shorter and multiplied by a dozen, my research got more intense, yet usually done on the night before departing to a new location. But nothing could have been like this if it weren’t for the lovely people who took me into their homes and showed me the cities the way they’re meant to be seen.

If it hadn’t been for Denisa, I wouldn’t have seen Vancouver and fallen in love with the idea of going to the States. Andra took me through whole Switzerland, showing me everything there was to be seen and setting new standards of how to travel the world. Elena hosted me twice in Berlin, each time making me feel at home in a place so far away from home. Anda showed me what it’s like to live in a campus near Paris and thankfully, Ruxi took over and proved that nothing compares to the wonders of the City of Lights. Especially after dark! :) If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have seen Paris three times in seven months. Never in my dreams could I have imagined achieving that. I still can’t realize HOW I did it, but it was so worth it! With Cristi I saw a bright and sunny Stockholm. Corinna showed me the best side of Graz and invited me to meet her family, which was so amazing!

Iulia took us through Beijing and negotiated with everybody in Chinese, before settling for Romanian – a language with better results in terms of pricing in Chinese malls. Carina and Christina made our Amsterdam dream come true! Charlie and Nancy are the coolest Californians we’ve met so far and we can’t wait for them to arrive in Europe next year. Anne hosted us all in her wonderful American Dream home in Michigan and made us want to have more from life than just hope. And then, along came London…Ale helped me fall in love with the city. And then she really helped me fall in love with the city by taking me to the Aqua Shard for cocktails. I’ll never forget that night. It was the night I knew something was about to change.

But more to that later :) see you after the exams embarking on a new trip that will take us to hot, hot parts of the world!

#Wienblogger in den Sommer – Teilnehmerliste und Gewinnspiel

Liebe Wienblogger,

Gestern Abend war viel zu schön, um es heute in der Früh irgendwie in Wörter beschreiben zu können. Dafür gibt’s den fotografischen Beweis, die Teilnehmerliste und die Gewinnspiel-Ankündigung, die das alles bestätigen soll ;)

Wienblogger Lokal Pergola Wienbloggger Lokal Pergola 3

Wienbloggger Lokal Pergola 1 Foto 4 Foto 3 Foto 2(2) Foto 2(1)


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and yours truly, Andra

Falls sich jemand gestern nicht eingetragen hat oder falls ihr andere Links von euch geteilt haben möchtet, schreibt mir einen Kommentar darunter.

Wie gestern angekündigt, gibt es diesmal ein Gewinnspiel mit tollen Preisen für die Teilnehmer. Es geht darum, einen Blogpost über #Wienblogger zu schreiben mit folgenden Elementen:

  • -was dir daran gefiel und was nicht
  • -wie die Location #lokalpergola war
  • -was du anders gestalten würdest oder gerne nochmals erleben würdest

Füge Details hinzu, wie du ins Lokal Pergola gefunden hast und poste deinen Link als Kommentar darunter.

Zeit: bis Sonntag, 15. Juni um 23.59 Uhr

1 x eine Party im Hotel Zeitgeist für dich und fünf deiner Freunde. Hotel Zeitgeist lädt dich somit ein, den Abend mit Freunden ausklingen zu lassen, in einem netten Hotelzimmer mit Balkon zu trinken, zu essen und euch von allen Zeitgeist-Features auf der siebten Etage (Sauna und Dachterrasse) begeistern zu lassen.
  • 1 x 35 Euro Gutschein für das Lokal Pergola

Die Gewinner werden per random.org am 16. Juni ausgewählt und danach in einem Blogpost bekannt gegeben.

Herzlichen Dank an alle, die gestern Abend dabei waren! :)

#wienblogger in den Sommer

Wienblogger Treffen Sommer Lokal PergolaDer Sommer kann ohne einem neuen #Wienblogger Treffen noch nicht kommen! Wie schon auf Facebook versprochen, gibt es diese Woche eine große Überraschung für uns. Jetzt darf ich sie endlich ankündigen: alle Blogger und Bloggerinnen aus Wien und Österreich sind herzlich eingeladen, am 05.06.2014 um 18.00 Uhr im Lokal Pergola (Sonnwendgasse 15, 1100 Wien) zu kommen, sich kennenzulernen, zu plaudern und den Abend ausklingen zu lassen. ;)

Diesmal laden uns die wunderschönen Leute vom Zeitgeist Hotel zum Networken ein! Das heißt, dass sie sich um Essen und Getränke kümmern werden. Außerdem wird gerade an einem Gewinnspiel gebastelt – Details folgen per Mail vor dem Event.

Um dabei zu sein, schreibe einen Kommentar “Ich bin dabei!” mit deinem Bloglink + deiner E-Mail Adresse. Die Anmeldungen können bis zum 3. Juni um 17 Uhr erfolgen und sind ausschließlich auf dem Blog durchzuführen. Anmeldungen über das Facebook Event sind nur als Zusatz gedacht und alleine nicht gültig.

Ich freue mich, euch bald wieder zu sehen! Bis dann, like Wienblogger auf Facebook und folge den Hashtag #wienblogger auf Twitter.

We’re not 19 anymore

Surface Pro 2 Seeding Blogger AustriaAlthough it feels so awkward having to say this: kids, we’re almost grown ups now. Most of the people my age reading this post at this very moment have either had their graduation ceremony or are getting ready to celebrate in the next couple of weeks. After that, it’s off to the real world (or at least off to the race for a Master’s degree). What have we accomplished so far? What are we about to xPRiment? Is there a life after the final finals and after the papers are due?

After trying to sit this article out and write it from the Surface Pro 2 on my lap, I realized that it makes much more sense to just place it on my desk and write on it like I would on a normal computer. I won’t go on telling you about the specs and qualities of this device since in the last two weeks, I didn’t quite manage to turn it into my daily driver for obvious reasons (all my files and accounts are stored on my other notebook and, as I am writing these thoughts, music is playing from the other one in the background). Ok, I just opened another tab on this device and am currently playing Adele. Sweet Adele. Back to the actual article.

You see, I’ve spent these past four years “sitting with a Surface” on my lap instead of simply placing it onto my desk. It seems so clear to me that all I should have done was just put the damn thing in a place where I usually sit most comfortably. All I need to do now is just focus on exactly that part of me that got me starting a blog in the first place. It wasn’t the freebies or the conference tickets or even the beloved blog meets. It was simply the fact that I love writing.

For years, I have tried to convince myself that writing will not get me anywhere at this age and that I have to do a ton of extra stuff just to keep in touch with the real world. Just like this little tablet over here turned laptop that you can touch but also use a mouse on (I just connected my mouse to the Surface via USB port and suddenly the whole thing got brighter) – it got much too complicated. I am indeed a complicated person and you do need a good instruction guide in order to get hold of me properly, but, if you ask my mom or dad at any time of the day what their daughter wants to achieve in life, their answer will be; “the Nobel prize for literature”.

Sure, I can try to obtain it by writing my stories from a gadget at night after hours of work, university papers and a bit of procrastination, but why should I? It’s not like I have to. There’s nothing in the world (besides some contracts I signed and a promise I made to myself four years ago) that keeps me from at least giving this dream of mine a chance to unfold. Maybe, probably, I’ll fail miserably at it. Nevertheless, I love Social Media and all the mumbo jumbo that surrounds it and don’t know if it’s that easy to just let go of everything. But if I won’t do it now, then maybe next time I’ll give it a shot I won’t be anywhere near 22 going on 23.

The Great Beijing Adventure: from the Hutong to the Forbidden City

Beijing hutong temple of heavenDays are moving rapidly in China and as the hours fly by, it seems that the one week long trip will only leave me wanting more. Since I haven’t got used to the local hour in Beijing, I’m currently visiting by day and writing by night, which in a way is quite nice. Although the last two sleepless nights have brought me to the point where I wasn’t able to visit “another imperial palace” today due to exhaustion, not sleeping at night does provide me with interesting Chinese TV shows…currently “China’s got talent” is playing in the background with a Chinese lady dancing on Ke$ha’s “Take it off”.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the city: Beijing has been surprisingly friendly these past two days, both in terms of weather and of (English speaking) people. We had a bright blue sky and around 20 degrees Celsius both on Thursday and on Friday, are living in one of the last remaining Hutongs of the old city (honestly don’t know if this hotel will still exist by the time we get back because of the pressure that is being put into a forced modernization and sky scraper-ization to soothe the needs of a growing population) and have great restaurants on our very small street. Plus, we reached the best Beijing roast duck according to Tripadvisor in around 15 minutes, making this first trip a “coolinary” experience by accident.

We didn’t get the chance to ride a cab because going to places by public transportation is much easier due to our location and also extremely cheap (2 quai/RMB per trip, meaning around 0,25 Euro). What we did do (and I’m very proud of it) is walk until we almost dropped. All the places you “must” visit in Beijing or to be precise, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and its gardens and the Summer Palace – that we haven’t seen yet due to my exhaustion – are HUGE. You basically walk from one courtyard into another without even realizing how much you had to move up and down and left and right. These places look like they were especially built for a population this size.

Even though I thought that the Forbidden City would impress me the most, I still can’t pick out a favourite place in Beijing, but maybe you will help me. Do you know a place aside from the Great Wall that MUST be explored in Beijing and isn’t always presented in the online tour guides you read before getting here? Please comment as fast as you can, I’m really curious about your opinion and experiences regarding the capital of China.

[Wangfujing Street and its creatures + Shanghai and its Bund will be posted anytime soon...]

The Great Beijing Adventure: on getting there in the first place

No matter how hard it might seem to plan a week long trip to East Asia or how many unfriendly tips you may hear about China, if you can get your hands on decently priced tickets, come check this country out! I’ve been here for less than 24 hours and it already feels worth the long journey we took to get here. Want to know how?

how to get to beijing cheap

Well, first of all, this trip (just like another one you probably read from me before) starts one sunny afternoon in July 2013, back when the austrian.com website decided to have a small glitch in its system (a so-called error fare) that allowed me to book two tickets from Geneva-Vienna-Beijing and Beijing-Vienna for 250 Euro each. Yes, you heard it right, China was less expensive than a ticket from Vienna to my hometown Sibiu that lie about 800 km away from each other. Even if this was a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, I highly suggest you check out cool deal websites such as exbir.de (where I found this offer), urlaubshamster.at or even my Facebook page, since we all regularly post ticket prices you wouldn’t find if you are not obsessed with booking – I am and I can gladly help you out :) .

From that point on, I had to solve some simple stuff to make my trip towards Beijing more pleasant: I got the tourist visas (60 Euro each from the Embassy in Austria, even if we are both Romanian citizens living here – we just needed our Meldezettel), the ride from Vienna to Geneva by train and a night at a lovely Airbnb in Geneva near the center of everything (totalling 85 Euro per person). I also reserved a place to stay in Beijing (which I managed to find quickly on Booking.com using a system that never failed) for 5 nights and 90 Euro per person…in an interesting Hutong (old part of the city, quite close to the center). That plus what we spent in half a day in Geneva plus all the rides with buses from and to the airports plus the five hours we spent in the Viennese airport makes about 500 Euro to get a week into a country that I never thought I could have the money to visit during my student years.

Yes, I was tired upon arriving here. But believe me, living this experience makes all the fatigue go away. Once we served our first Chinese meal at a restaurant near our hotel in Beijing, the spices of a country that is so different from what we are used to kicked in. And that was just the first in a series of events we were about to witness…

[stay tuned for more]

#Wienblogger meets Startup afterthoughts and invitation

Ich verspreche euch, ich werde nie wieder so viel Zeit zwischen einem eigentlichen Wienblogger Event und den Blogpost mit Links und alles andere lassen. Wie ihr vielleicht auch auf der Eventseite lesen konntet, hatte ich ab Mitte Februar wenig bis kein Internet zur Verfügung, momentan schreibe ich euch Gedanken aus dem Flughafen Wien (danke Gratis-WLAN!) und wahrscheinlich hören wir uns wieder Ende März, wenn ich aus China zurückkehre. So, zum Artikel jetzt…

Wienblogger Februar 2014 Startup

Liebe Wienblogger, der 13. Februar war wahrscheinlich eines der tollsten Abende, die ich je vor Valentinstag erlebt habe. Ich habe mich auf euch alle sehr gefreut und fand, dass der neue Treffpunkt sich wunderbar für dieses Ereignis anbieten ließ. An dieser Stelle nochmals herzlichen Dank an Valentin und Christoph von SIMPLEWISH, die uns ins INiTS eingeladen UND bekocht haben. Das Essen war toll und wir hatten viel Spaß + außerdem haben sie viel schneller über das Event gebloggt, was mich nur freuen kann!

Wer war diesmal dabei?

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Stefan Blog -> schaut euch sein Buch an!

Vera Blog

and yours truly, Andra ;) .

Hier kommt die große Frage für euch: wie soll das weitergehen? Möchtet ihr, dass wir uns wieder im alten Format in einem Restaurant euer Wahl treffen, uns kennenlernen und plaudern, oder soll ich weiterhin in diese neue Richtung (sponsored meetups, wobei die Sponsoren weniger über sich erzählen und mehr uns zuhören) pushen? Es gibt ein paar Leute, die mich in diesem Sinn angesprochen haben. SIMPLEWISH würden uns zum Beispeil auf eine Art Schnitzeljagd mit Preisen einladen, wenn das für euch passt. Hauptsache: wir müssen Spaß haben. Dadurch, dass ich das selbst in meiner Freizeit organisiere und dafür nicht bezahlt werde (I only do it for the fame :P ), ist dieses Treffen ein großes xPRiment, um zu sehen was euch gefällt und wie ihr das am liebsten modellieren möchtet.

Ich freue mich auf eure Kommentare, Facebook Postings und Nachrichten dazu, bin immer offen für Kooperationen, Vorschläge und Inputs. Herzlichen Dank fürs Kommen und wir sehen uns wieder sobald ich zu diesem Artikel Feedback bekomme (und etwas in diesem Sinn organisieren kann).

Travel and tell stories about it

Beijing Great WallThe first time I ever went abroad was back in 2006, when I was 14 and freshly out of middle school. That was the year my dad managed to find the necessary cash for us to drive and visit not one, not two, but eleven countries in Europe, checking out their most famous sightseeing spots as we moved ahead. At the time, I had heard so many stories about “strainatate” (countries abroad) and knew that the chance of visiting all of them was so little, that there was no use for me to hope to see the world. We had had little to no budget of going on vacations over the past years and I was starting to get used to the fact that Bucharest would probably be my last stop on the journey towards self discovery.

Then I met Vienna. It was my glimpse of hope for a better future, for myself as well as for the ones that will arrive after me. I felt secure walking down the streets of this wonderful city, it felt like the home I never quite managed to get in my hometown of Sibiu. It was the city I needed for a start worthy of the dreams I’ve always had – and just didn’t have the courage to pursue until that age. And soon after, in 2008, after visiting Croatia and traveling back to Sibiu via Vienna, I called my father telling him that I want to study in Vienna more than anything in the world.

In 2010, we made it happen. With the help of my amazing family, I’m able to write these thoughts from one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world, getting ready to wrap up my studies in the field of Communication and Media. It’s 2014 and I’ve been traveling these past months more than I did in my entire life (just read the first paragraph again to see how many countries I saw in my first trip through Europe and come back here). I’m trying to remember all the places I’ve seen in 2013 and up until now, but honestly, I didn’t even get the chance to upload all the photos I’ve shot in my last 5 trips onto my computer let alone think about each experience. And that’s a shame.

Since photography is a just a hobby, but writing is my life, I really want to tell you the stories I’ve been living these years. Some are boring and need a lot of insider information to get even slightly logical, but the most of them make a lot of sense and are worthy of being written down. If somebody would have told me that I can get to NY for 300 Euro and to Beijing for 250 Euro, I would have probably laughed hard and thought that person is crazy. But look at what I’m doing now…and look at where I’m heading towards next ;) .

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