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My name is Andra, I was born in Sibiu (Romania) in 1991 and have been living in wonderful Vienna (Austria) since 2010 in order to become a Communication Specialist. That’s mainly why I chose to study Marketing Communications and Advertising at the University of Vienna. Developing an affinity for blog posts with a twist made me realize the importance of having an active presence all around different social media platforms.

Some of the projects I am or was involved in are:

  • -TEDxVienna – currently my second year of blogging for this event, generating discussions and themes worth spreading
  • -collaboration with Bookblog on connecting book readers all around Romania in a virtual tea house
  • -interning for the national conference Marketing 24/7 that gathered more than 200 guests in 2009 alone
  • For more details regarding my work, check out my LinkedIn profile.

It is a great opportunity to explore new reaches of Social Media (and the World Wild Web as a whole) in Austria, so I try to get the best out of everything: networking, attending events, getting to know experts in the field of Online Marketing. And having a great time with it!

I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you, so simply send me an E-Mail, leave a twitter reply or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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