Win a ticket for the Pioneers Festival 2013

pioneers-festival-win-ticketDear xPRimenters,

Just like I promised on Facebook last Friday, this Monday is definitely one worth loving. I’m very delighted to offer you the chance of winning 2 X 1 tickets to the Pioneers Festival on the 30th-31th of October in Vienna. Not only does this event bring together national and international founders, startups and tech enthusiasts, but it is also a great opportunity to network until you drop in one of the most beautiful locations in Vienna: Hofburg. Check out how great the Festival was in 2012.

Among many cool speakers, you will get to meet: Chris Barton (Co-Founder Shazam), Vishal Sharma (VP Google), Adam Cheyer (Founder Siri, Apple), Phil Libin (Ceo Evernote) and Charles Adler (Co-Founder Kickstarter). For more details about the event, click here.

So how can you win? Simply by liking or sharing this article on Facebook/Twitter and leaving a comment below telling me:

1. Why should you be the winner of this ticket?

2. Should I create a Facebook Page for or just post the updates on my personal Facebook, Twitter, G+ profile? (honest opinion please)

The contest is open until the 24th of October at 11.59 pm and I will announce the winners the next day. If you just can’t wait until then, use the code xperiment20 to get a 20% discount from the normal ticket price (I don’t earn anything through this code, it’s just being used so my readers can get a better price). Good luck! :)

11 Responses to Win a ticket for the Pioneers Festival 2013
  1. Waj Den

    1. Weil ich die Start-Up- Welt faszinierend finde und selber grade versuche zu starten, dafür fehlt mir aber leider noch einiges an know-how und teilweise noch die richtigen Leuten und wo sonst könnte ich diese treffen, wenn nicht am Pioneers?
    2. Bin auch für eine eigene Facebook-Page, du kannst es dann ja immer noch über dein eigenes Profil teilen um eine höhere Reichweite zu erzielen, aber auf mich wirkt es mit eigener Page professioneller…

  2. Steffi Wagner

    1.) weil alle dort sind und ich auch unbedingt hin möchte. Am liebsten gemeinsam mit dem lieben patloew – also bitte lasst uns beide gewinnen. :)

    2.) ich würde auch ehrlich gesagt eine eigene Page anlegen. Twitter vgl. Patloew und google+ ist eigentlich eh für die Katz. (Liest keiner) :)

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  4. Markus

    1) After I saw the list of speaker I knew that I absolutely want to go there. I’m sure this will be a very interesting and inspiring event. It’s exactly the right place to get new ideas for projects I can emerge myself in.

    2. You should create a new page because that’s a better way to be visible for people searching for content related to the pioneers festival.

  5. Michael Kroupa

    1.) A friend told me about the festival. I think it would be very interesting and a good motivation. Also it’s in my interest to establish new contacts.

    2.) To be honest, whether you create a new facebookpage or not doesn’t matter to me. But I think it wouldn’t be a wrong decision to establish one to become more famous. Everyone is using Facebook for sharing his content today, so why not. ;)

  6. Fabian Lebersorger

    1.) I’d absolutely love to go to the Pioneers Festival because it offers one of the rare occasions in Vienna to attend an event that fosters more open-mindedness in Business and broadens your horizon here in Vienna.

    2.) A Facebook page would open up several opportunities for you and bring your blog to another more professional level in other networks. Supporting your blog with your personal presences in other networks is a good thing to do, but having an outlet that is more linked to the blog instead of your person gives it a little bit more independence …

  7. Miri

    1. Ich denke, dass Event ist eine super Möglichkeit neue Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Als ich davon erfahren habe war ich sofort begeistert.

    2. Ich würde eine eigene Facebook Seite machen. Ich denke, dass dadurch mehr Leute davon erfahren könnten.

  8. Philipp

    1) Ich würde sehr gerne die Möglichkeit bekommen, so viele interessante Personen zu treffen und mich mit ihnen über neueste Themen austauschen zu können.

    2) Meine Meinung:
    Warum sich für eins entscheiden, wenn man beides machen kann. Dadurch erreicht man mehr Personen und man hat ebenfalls in der Gestaltung mehrere Freiheiten!

  9. Georg

    1.) Just like one of the other commentators a friend told me about this. As an Computer Science Student this perhaps inspires me to make my own startup. :D

    2. You should create a new page because in my opinion you should always devide between personal and “business” :)

  10. Dennis

    1. I think, these speakers are absolutly great, and I really wish to see them live!! :)

    2. I would create an own Facebook Page for this; through this, you can split between personel and professional information. And people like pages quicker, than they send a request to someone!

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