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Rethinking NYC – the BMW Guggenheim Lab

The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a mobile laboratory which will travel to nine major cities worldwide over the next six years. The project has already started in New York and addresses issues of contemporary urban life through programs and public discourse – a great thing considering the fact that people living in a city can bring their own ideas, experience and create forward-thinking solutions for city life. Let’s see what the founders of this project say about it in this following TEDxVienna article :)

Say Something Nice

Have you ever noticed people look so caught up in their own problems when walking down the street? Sometimes they tend to be so absent and don’t even realize what a beautiful time it is outside. If you would have the chance to “make the day” of the ones surrounding you, what would you do? This is an idea that Improv Everywhere came up with and you can find by reading this TEDxVienna article: click here ;)

Google SketchUp – turning your ideas into objects

Ever wanted to have the chance of working with a cool and easy 3D modeling program? SketchUp might be the right one for you, since it is designed to satisfy the needs of architects, engineers, game developers, filmmakers and generally all of those who are working a lot with visuals. A really interesting aspect of this program is that you can place your created model within Google Earth.

So let’s see what the concept looks like by reading the following article on TEDxVienna ;)

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