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Fashion Blogs: Turning into Influencers

In the beginning, there was Vogue. (And Elle, Cosmo, Marie Claire and a whole lot of other women’s fashion magazines) A few years ago, these were called “the Bibles” and used to rule the fashion industry by setting the trends for the seasons to come and being followed “religiously” by women from all over the world. It was every girl’s dream (including mine) to work as an editor in chief at such a magazines.

Since then, the tables have turned. Indulging in the great opportunity Web 2.0 offers (creating a blog so easily), people who were in love with fashion started writing their own articles and comments on the way they see the trends evolving in the upcoming seasons.


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Social Cooking 2.0

Have you tried looking up a recipe on Google or a cooking video on Youtube this year and found yourself amazed with all the good tips you’ve received? Internet can sometimes prove itself as a salvation in times of need (or hunger!) and – if you’re a student like me and still haven’t mastered the art of cooking from your mother, grandmother  or other cooking expert relative – you’ll probably be fascinated by what you can do with some plain ingredients.

So why not take this whole online experience and bring it offline?

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love letter to the city

I’ve fallen for you, Vienna. You’ve showed me both your rainy and your sunny days and made me happy to be a part of them.

You’ve explained to me that none of us is the center of the universe. That I’m not invincible and that I can made awfully big mistakes in order to learn out of them. You’ve accompanied me in times of sorrow, times in which I missed my dear ones from Sibiu and whispered: “it’s ok, we’ll make it through this day”.

Maybe you’re not the love of my life, maybe we won’t even end up together, but you are…wonderful, Vienna. You truly amaze me with every single day I spend in the city. And I believe this is what love really means: trust. I trust in your powers to make me discover my path which each moment spent here. Thank you, Vienna, for giving myself back to me.

And thanks for this lovely job I got this summer ;)


No matter what I do, I want to make a change in the world.

No matter where I go, I want to leave a part of me behind and get hold of a new piece of me on the road.

No matter who I turn out to be, I still hope of becoming the best version of myself.

No matter how much I talk about myself, in the end it’s all about you.

Please click on the link below to watch a great short documentary on influencers:

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Marketing 24/7 conference 2011

Greetings from Sibiu! These past 2 days of marketing, entrepreneurship and social media conference have been long, but very rewarding by all means and it has been a true pleasure to meet such lovely people. People working in household businesses such as small inns in Sibiu, psychologists, trainers, designers, PR&marketing freelancers, photographers, programmers, people working on social media in-house or in social media agencies and many more attended this event and spiced up the whole atmosphere during the networking sessions.

Since networking was only one of the interesting parts at this conference, I’ll try to sum up the information gathered during Marketing 24/7. Day 1 focused on entrepreneurship and ways to develop your business by using your skills at their maximum. Dragos Roua, a speaker I personally enjoyed hearing a lot, made it clear that people who are writing blogs and making a fortune out of it aren’t selling publicity on their blogs, but rather focus on building supporting products for their niche and helping the people who read their blogs get even more value out of the whole xPRience (see copyblogger).

“Focus” was actually a word which also appeared on Marius Ghenea’s presentation about the basics of entrepreneurship: “if you don’t focus on one business, you lose sight of all the businesses you’re trying to make successful”. This is a great lesson for people who are trying to get hold of all types of information from all types of places and lose touch with the thing they’re actually interested in *yours truly included*.

Day 2 evolved around socialising a business, making it more human in front of its potential public. We even had the opportunity to discuss psychology with Adrian Raulea, who made us understand that we spread both out positive and our negative energy around and we can control our own well being by simply FOCUSING ( :) ) on the present.

The second part of each day contained 2 workshops one could attend. I chose Guerilla Sales and Financial Health on the first day and appreciated every moment of it, since it was a chance to learn more about effectively selling a product in a win/win situation and getting to know why cash flow, bookkeeping and financial planning/management are vital in sustaining a business. Eusebiu Burcas was the best “prof” in Economics I’ve had so far, because he actually made sense of what was written on the powerpoint presentation (a thing I haven’t experienced in my Audimax so far).

Workshops of the second day allowed people interested in social media to find out tips’n'tricks of the trade from experts working in different companies in Romania. There was even a part where Adrian Mironescu and Ciprian Gavriliu invited us to briefly develop a communication strategy for a virtual company (in groups) – a great exercise of creativity.

All in all, the Marketing 24/7 xPRience was an opportunity to learn, to network and to enjoy the parts of Economics you DON’T  find in schools or universities. And it was great!

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