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Marketing 24/7 and me

Looks like I’ll be making a short trip to Romania this week. Why, you ask?

Because the first marketing event I’ve ever attended (back in 2009: see article in Romanian here) is just about to start! This year is the 4th edition of Marketing 24/7 and the debated topics sound pretty nice: implementing social media in your business and making it work effectively for you, learning how to communicate fast and efficiently with your costumers and creating valuable content and so many more!

Among the speakers from various business fields are also Marius Ghenea (an antreprenour whom I’ve seen on TV hosting a show where people can present their business ideas and get feedback + financial support from different areas “Arena Leilor”) and Ciprian Gavriliu, a very, very interesting person who’s taught me a lot of valuable insights on marketing&social media through his online radio talk show, “Online Shift”.

Since the official blogger of this event will probably be posting articles in Romanian, I’ll try to update you on the things happening at the event in English. Also looking forward to tweeting live on the spot!

Meet you there! You can still sign up for the event on its official website ;)

Making it through TEDxVienna 2011

There are days when you wake up, see the sun from your window and just know something is about to hit you so hard in the face, that you’ll make a turn in your path. This day didn’t seem like one of those, cause I had to go to university and felt a little tired after the previous night. On my way from the metro to campus I always bump into people who give me flyers and small treats, but today I just didn’t feel in the mood for them. Still, I grasped a black and red sheet of paper from this handsome guy and saw the magic words in front of my eyes: “TEDxVienna”. Holy patcholy!

So, after only one month in Vienna, I could get this amazing chance! TEDx is right here, in my new-found city, about 30 minutes away by metro! Read the backside of the sheet and saw: 100 euro. Damn.

After some magic voodoo that I do (and a contribution from a very nice person whom I’ll always be thankful), I got inside and could blog about the whole event. I tweeted to my friends from Romania (didn’t know many people on twitter from Austria back then) and was soooo excited to meet someone who had actually heard about my blog before although he had no previous connection with me whatsoever, only because we were both following the twitter account of TEDxVienna. All this happened at the end of 2010, back when I thought economics was my future and business suits are the coolest ever.

Lucky me, things have evolved both for TEDxVienna and for me. I’ve come to see that writing brings me a lot more happiness than Macroeconomics and TEDx thought of giving bloggers in Austria this great deal: becoming an official blogger of the event! :)

So this is my way of saying that I want to be one of the chosen 5. Cause it’s an opportunity way too amazing to miss!

P.S. When I woke up today, I knew something very special was about to happen.

LATER EDIT: I got the job! :D link here

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